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:bulletblack: A Midnight Kiss: :bulletblack:
Fandom: BBC's Sherlock
Chapters: One Shot
Finished: June 30th, 2014

Sherlolly Oneshot. It's a festive time, and Molly is dolled up and off to a New Year's Eve party. But before she goes, Sherlock seems to notice her in a different light, and it leads to a very...well... intimate moment. Inspired by the Season 3 kiss.

One Shot - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…

:bulletblack: That Girl: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Heroes of Olympus
Chapters: One Shot
Finished: August 2nd, 2013

Leyna One Shot. Our heroes are at Camp Jupiter celebrating the Forth of July with a mock battle. Leo is unexpectedly thrown into the battle, where he works his magic fixing up the war machines. He gets a big surprise when he heroically saves the camp's Praetor, whom he always thought of as strict and heartless. Leo sees a side of Reyna that he believes no one has ever seen before.

One Shot - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…

:bulletblack: Of Good and Evil: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Adventure Time (Genderbent)
Chapters: 13
Finished: August 1st, 2014

A long term story that begins before Fionna and Marshall Lee have even met for the first time. A fun, intense, emotional roller-coaster between Fionna, Marshall, and Prince Gumball, drawing scene parallels from the modern love triangle of "This Means War." Marshall finally meets a girl that resists his good looks, but finds out that his close friend already has his eye on her.

Ch. 1 - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…

:bulletblack: The Valentine's Day Trio ♥: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Doctor Who
Chapters: 3 (One Shots)
Finished: March 7th, 2013

A series of three, unrelated, uncensored, unattached One Shots. How could Valentines day pass without a big acknowledgement from me? There's all sorts of crazy things that happen, from Rose just plain falling ill, to her losing her mind and inhibitions along with it. All the while the only person to take care of the poor thing is the Doctor. So, In honor of Valentines Day, 2013, I give you: The Valentine's Day Trio!

Take Care - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…
A Fallen Rose - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…
Be Mine [Rated Teen/Adult] - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…

:bulletblack: The Cave of Two: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Heroes of Olympus
Chapters: 5
Finished: February 3rd, 2013

Set in Post Mark of Athena, our heroes are travelling to Epirus with Nico, to retrieve their lost comrades. The remaining demigods get sent on a side quest, which delays them even further. Everything goes wrong when Leo and Hazel fall into an ice cave. Inside said cave the temperatures drop every minute, creating high tension. A dramatic 5 Parts with a steamy conclusion.
{EDIT: Award Winning} 
:dance: :trophy:

Ch. 1 - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…

:bulletblack: Frostbitten Night: :bulletblack:
Fandom: ROTG
Chapters: One Shot
Finished: January 3rd, 2013

[Entry for Rainbow Snowcone's Contest] Frostbite Oneshot. Christmas themed, Jack and Tooth visit a beautiful frozen pond as a nice getaway. Unbeknownst to Tooth, Jack thinks there should be something between them.
{EDIT: Award Winning}
:dance: :trophy:

One Shot - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…

:bulletblack: In The Dakest Hour: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Heroes of Olympus
Chapters: 3
Finished: December 20th, 2012

3 Part MoA Scene Rewrite. Leo is strangely uncomfortable after learning about Sammy Valdez in Hazel's vision. But when Shrimp-Zilla attacks the Argo II, Hazel's in serious trouble, and we all know that Frank won't be of much help. Will Leo be the one to save Hazel's life and earn her trust? With Leo's luck, it's seemingly impossible...
{SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers from Mark of Athena}

Ch.1 -

:bulletblack: A Regular Romance: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Regular Show
Chapters: 10
Finished: January 20th, 2012

Margaret and Eileen are forced out of their apartment and need a place to stay. Guess who obliges? Will Mordecai's relationship change when Margaret stays with them temporarily, or will he slip and mess everything up? And what about Rigby and Eileen? And where's Thomas? When it's a Regular Romance, you know it'll be anything but...

Ch.1 -

:bulletblack: Dependence: :bulletblack:
Fandom: The Amazing Spiderman
Chapters: One Shot
Finished: November 18th, 2012

[Requested by Raydawggie] An adorable continuity of The Amazing Spiderman's (2012) Peter and Gwen story. Gwen is always helping Peter selflessly. When Gwen is in need of some help what's he gonna do?
{SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers from The Amazing Spiderman}

One Shot - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…
Author's Notes -

:bulletblack: When Fire Melts Ice: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Adventure Time (Genderbent)
Chapters: One Shot
Finished: November 12th, 2012

The Ice Queen plays a horrible trick on poor Fionna. Is it possible for Flame Prince to save her?

One Shot -

:bulletblack: This Means War: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Ninjago
Chapters: 23
Finished: September 16th, 2012

My longest Fiction to date. High Pressure and an Intensely Complicated Story Line for such a little fandom; the guys get a little time off to go to celebrate the Fourth of July at Ninjago's finest party club. Cole's feelings about Nya are persisting him and he's becoming uneasy. Then, when a long-time-no-see mystery girl comes into the scene, will Jay and Nya's love stand the test of jealousy? And what will happen to Nya when Cole is the only one who can help her with the mystery girl?

Ch.1 -
Author's Notes -


:bulletblack: OC Request/ The Radiance Ninja: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Ninjago
Chapters: 2
Finished: August 21st, 2013

[Requested By Yellow-Phoenix] While Kai and his friend's hang out at the pool, Kai notices a strange girl hanging out with Nya. When he runs into trouble with some Serpentine warriors, guess who comes to his aid? And guess what he finds out about her?

Ch.1 - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…

:bulletblack: OC Request/ The Wind Ninja: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Ninjago
Chapters: 4
Finished: July 15th, 2013

[Requested By MichealaRagdoll19] Lloyd manages to save a young girl's life, who had been mauled brutally at the hands of Garmadon's Serpentine. But does she have the Ninja Essence inside her?

Ch.1 -

:bulletblack: OC Request/ The Speed Ninja: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Ninjago
Chapters: 5
Fisnished: July 5th, 2013

[Requested By BrittnyKitty] A mysterious girl winds up on the ship. But is it for a reason? When Brittny becomes a ninja, she makes a single mistake that brings out the monster in Kai.

Ch.1 -

:bulletblack: OC Request/ The Water Ninja: :bulletblack:
Fandom: Ninjago
Chapters: 2
Finished: October 20th, 2012

[Requested By Neon-Lego-Ninja] Cole hit a girl... With his head. Yeah he feels pretty bad, but what happens when he discover's the girl's fighting spirit is as driving as his own?

Ch.1 - fanfiction-princess.deviantart…


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Bonjour & Aloha,

I'm just a girl that suffers from anxiety, depression, and societal anxiousness. A student in a cloudy, rainy town. A lover of music, cartoons, many books, and cinnamon jelly beans. A reader. A writer. A princess. A daydreamer.

Fiction basically runs my life, but I believe there is power in words like nothing else on this planet. Writing is very important to me and it provides an escape from my everyday life. I hope you get the chance to enjoy my stories and much as I did writing them. I want each and everyone of you to know that every review, comment and piece of feedback you post means a lot to me, and although I can't reply to all of them, you are always in my thoughts, keeping me inspired. Thank you(:

I only submit my work on only two sites, and DeviantArt. (And my DA is more for rough drafts and early writings) Anyone with a pen name similar to mine on another site is not me, and could be either an impostor or just a coincidence. I also do not reveal my real name on either profile, and I do not feel a writer needs a name to be great. But you can call me the FP if you'd like! Thank you for your respect! :3 Profile: (The-Fanfiction-Princess)

DA Profile: (Fanfiction-Princesss) fanfiction-princess.deviantart…

Fandom List

:bulletred: Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
:bulletorange: The Hunger Games
:bulletyellow: The Mortal Instruments
:bulletgreen: Divergent
:bulletblue: Maximum Ride
:bulletpurple: Harry Potter
:bulletpink: Twilight
:bulletred: The F.A.Y.Z. (Fallout Alley Youth Zone)
:bulletorange: Hush, Hush
:bulletyellow: Matched
:bulletgreen: The Selection

:bulletred: Doctor Who
:bulletorange: Sherlock
:bulletyellow: ATLA/Lok
:bulletgreen: Adventure Time
:bulletblue: Regular Show
:bulletpurple: Code Lyoko
:bulletpink: Teen Titans
:bulletred: MLP: FIM (Actually, I don't really like this fandom very much any more... It gives me the willies...)
:bulletorange: LEGO Ninjago (LITTLE KID SHOWS FTW!!!)
:bulletyellow: Gravity Falls
:bulletgreen: TAWOG 

:bulletred: Marvel Superheroes (Ex: LOKI/SPIDERMAN/THE AVENGERS/ETC.)
:bulletorange: The Once-ler (The Lorax)
:bulletyellow: HTTYD
:bulletgreen: Rise of the Guardians
:bulletblue: Wreck-it-Ralph (Vanellope FTW!)
:bulletpurple: Megamind

:bulletred: Pokemon
:bulletorange: Teen Titans
:bulletgreen: Sailor Moon

:bulletblack: Black Butler
:bulletblack: Vocaloid
:bulletblack: Death Note
:bulletblack: Hetalia

Fun Fact Box :3

For every 10 Watchers, I'll do a Fun Fact... just for fun... :D

1: Mustaches gross me out... If my boyfriend ever grows a mustache I will shave it off in his sleep.

2: My dog Lucy is my baby, she's a Westie. :heart:

3: I drive a bright orange 2013 Dodge Dart, which is also my baby.

4: I really wish that I had never started watching Doctor Who...

5: I really wish the Doctor and Amy would have had a thing...

6: I enjoy organizing my book shelf... Who knows why...

7: I don't put my name anywhere on my profile. (Now don't go looking because you won't find it)

8: Maximum Ride was the first book series I got seriously obsessed over.

9: My room is covered in a mixture of Hawaiian themed decorations and Fandom merchandise. :O_o:

10: I secretly enjoy Algebra...

11: Spock and Kirk are my forever BROTP (Shut up, I'm not a Trekkie)

12: I play Animal Crossing when I should be writing Fanfiction.

13: My very sweet cat, named Sprinkles, loves to assist in my writing while I lay in bed. Oh look, here she comes now:

14: My most recent fandom obsession is Teen Titans, which is surprising because it's such a long-standing fandom. I loved watching it when I was younger, but at that time I didn't know what a fandom was, so I kind of forgot about it.



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