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Fionna and Marshall met eyes. Fionna could see, he was different, almost lifeless. His gaze showed none of the love, or caring, or even sagacity they had before. They were hurt. They were sad. They were defeated.

The adventuress had been to countless caves, dungeons, and evil lairs. She has probably seen the most intimidating castles and caverns of anyone in the land. But nothing could prepare her for where she was now.

Being in the Nightosphere was unlike anything she had ever seen. It was horrifying, mentally disarming, and it probably would have fazed any normal teenage girl that found herself in its shadowy pits.

Fionna was no normal teenage girl.

She had pulled together all the effort in her entire body and— with Cake by her side—braved the Nightosphere like a true hero. She made it all this way to be presented with her biggest challenge in the halls of Marshall’s mother.

Now with Cake dazed on the sidelines, knocked out by the mother of Marshall Lee, Fionna was cornered. She was trapped, and unlike the daring heroine she wanted to be, she panicked.

She was still trying to muster up something to say to Marshall’s mom, something to stop her, or even delay her from carrying out her wicked plan. Before she managed to get out one word, the Lady of Evil directed her attention towards her son.

“Oh, Marshy,” She said with a coo while Fionna stood in the darkness, defenseless against a woman who was just a voice. “This mean, evil girl has come to hurt you again! She came to rip out your heart, and call you a monster! She came to crush your poor, hopeless dreams of love!” The sharp, ringing voice of Marshall’s mother rang throughout the halls like an old rusty chime. “Don’t worry my bad little boy, I won’t let that happen, I won’t let her hurt you!”

Fionna had no plan of attack, and she also no target. Her eyes darted around, frantically looking left, right, above, anywhere, trying spot where the terrifying mother could be. Fionna gazed at the still unmoving Marshall, and wished she knew what was going on in his mind. His mother’s demonic voice resounded throughout the lofty halls, losing the mock soothing tone it had a moment ago, replaced by a dark and sinister quality.

“Marshall, listen to me. This girl has done you nothing but harm. No good things ever came from being with her. She does not, nor will she ever reciprocate your feelings.”  Her voice rose, filling the darkness with her raw power and further detaching Marshall from his own independent thoughts. Fionna’s heart raced; his mother was getting to him, it was working. “All the nice things you’ve done for her? Worthless! Every sweet nothing whispered in your ear? Ruses! Any sort of love and affection? Deceptions! It was all tricks and lies!”

“Hey!” Fionna shouted to the shadowy walls. She sounded pitiful beneath the powerful presence of Marshall’s mother that surrounded her. “That’s not true! Marshall, don’t listen! She’s lying!”

An earsplitting laugh—something resembling a witch—echoed so loud in the dungeon, Fionna clapped her hands to her ears. “Oh, my dear! You’re much too late to convince this boy of anything!” She cackled again. Fionna’s heart dropped. What is his mother doing to him?

“Now listen up, Marshall!” She said, the daunting-mother voice returning, but this time angrier, more serious. “This girl has only hurt you! Now what are you going to do? Sit around and cry like a baby? NO!” She barked. “Make her pay! Come on, Marshall! Fionna deserves to be punished! And, I think that half-demon part of you would really like some attention.” She coaxed, as if Marshall was her own personal henchman.

Marshall hadn’t moved, but the blank expression on his face had become one of mild strain. It looked like he was fighting with his mother’s convincing words, trying desperately to resist her.

Fionna tried to get to him, but with no results. “Marshall! Marshall!” She shouted to the center of the room where Marshall stood. “I don’t know if you can hear me, but please don’t do this! Please don’t let her control you—”

“ENOUGH!” The mother spat. “Enough dilly-dallying! Attack! Attack Fionna! There’s no one to stop you! Use all the violence brewing inside you!”

“Stop this!” Fionna shouted to the monster that was speaking. “Stop, this is ridiculous!”

“Marshall,” The mother coaxed. “Let it out, you know it wants out. All you ever do is lie to your friends. That’s what you’ve been up to lately, haven’t you? It’s because you’re a monster.”

Marshall broke. He let out a short cry of agony. His knees buckled and he crouched toward the ground, clutching his head as if it would explode. “Stop!” He pleaded in a small shout. It was the first time he’d spoken since Fionna arrived.

Whatever witchcraft or demonic spell Marshall’s mother was conducting, it was working. It was getting to him, and Fionna had no idea what would happen if she couldn’t stop the Lady of Evil. “Come on, Marshy, why would you ever want to be anything but evil? It’s in your blood.” The mother cooed. Marshall Lee, who usually dawns a nonchalant and casual demeanor, was now falling apart at the seams, being ripped apart in his own mind, trying to fight back against his mother’s wishes.

But the malevolent lady knew she was close. She knew it was only a matter of time now. Marshall’s mother was prepared to pull out all the stops. She was going to force Marshall into sinful actions. She was going to make him evil. He already had broken out in a cold sweat, grabbing onto his head for dear life, mind exploding with internal conflict.

“Marshall, do what you know how to do! You’re a demon, a monster!” She spat life into her words, enunciating loud and clear with her booming voice. She barked “You don’t deserve anyone! You’re a living piece of evil! No one in this world will ever love you, especially this stupid HUMAN!”

He collapsed on the ground with a cry of agony. He screamed and writhed on the floor as Fionna watched in horror. Then, as suddenly as it began, it stopped, and Marshall was still.

Fionna gasped, “What did you do—”

But the mother silenced her. “Shhh… Just wait. The monster will arise.”

Before Fionna’s eyes, Marshall got up, rising slowly like a zombie. At first Fionna thought he hadn’t changed at all, he didn’t look like a monster. He looked exactly like Marshall Lee. Then he raised his head, and Fionna saw. His eyes were hollow and red; they cut into Fionna’s soul. It was the demon eyes she feared so much. She looked into them, and saw that Marshall wasn’t there, it was only a monster. He opened his mouth and spoke.

“Fionna,” his voice was deep and it rasped. It wasn’t his voice, Fionna knew. He wasn’t in control anymore.

He took a step towards Fionna, his expression full of malice.

“Do you really love me?” He asked. Fionna stared at him in horror, wondering how on earth she could get through to him now that the demon side of him was in control.

“Do you really care?” He was walking slowly towards her as if she was his prey. Fionna stared into the demon eyes that frightened her more than any monster she had ever faced.

“Marshall—” She was tongue tied as he approached, leaning over her menacingly. “Marshall I do—”

Her words were cut off as a sharp-clawed hand wrapped around her throat. “Do you really want me?” His commanding voice boomed in her ears. It sounded so demonic and distant. Fionna could vaguely hear Marshall’s mom cackling in the background.

She could feel his breath on her cheek. “Do you really?” He snarled.

“Marshall, please.” She begged, cringing as he lifted her by the neck. She tried her hardest to draw in breath, but it was getting increasingly harder. “It’s me.” She croaked. “It’s me, Fionna.”

But it was no use, he was too far gone. His glowing demon eyes were trained on the skin of her neck. He tilted her head to the side and bared his fangs. Her legs dangled slightly off the ground, and she tried to kick her attacker, but it was no use. He was like an iron wall. Her hands grappled at his steely grasp around her throat, to no avail. Fionna strained, trying to scream, but nothing came out.

She knew this was the end. She knew she had failed. And what hurt the worst is that she couldn’t help Marshall, she was too busy thinking about herself to understand what was happening to him, and now it was too late.

Fionna felt the tip of his fangs on her skin. She shut her eyes, accepting her fate. I’m sorry, Marshall, she thought. I’m sorry I couldn’t stop you from turning into a monster.


The hand around her neck went limp and Fionna collapsed to the ground, clutching her throat. Catching her breath, she looked up to see Prince Gumball, holding an iron skillet in his hand. His expression was just as shocked as Fionna’s.

“Gumball?” Fionna’s jaw nearly dropped.

“Fionna! You’re alright! I was afraid I was too late!” He gave her a hand up, while she still tried to process what had happened.

She gazed at the unconscious Marshall Lee, who was lying on the castle floor. His tousled black hair lay over a lump on his head was already forming.

“You… You hit him over the head with a frying pan?”

“Uh…” Gumball held up his skillet, looking at it in surprise. “Well… Yes. I suppose I did.”

“Thank you.” Fionna said, still shocked from her near-death experience. She glanced at Marshall again. “Is he…?” Gumball waved her concerns away.

“He’ll be fine,” the prince replied, “He’s just going to wake up with a headache.”

Fionna sighed in relief, but her relief didn’t last long. When she turned around, a tall, pale, menacing woman had materialized in the castle. She towered over the two, with yellow-green, glowing eyes and massive fangs. Her ears were sharp and pointed, like Marshall’s but much larger.

“How dare you?!” She barked, her voice so loud it caused Fionna and Gumball to jump back.

Fionna readied her sword. She put her back against Gumball’s and said “Ready?”

His hands shaking in fear, Gumball raised his pan. “I-I’m right behind you,” he assured with a stammer.

For a moment, Fionna grinned. She was filled with pride at the sight of her and Gumball working together, despite the quarrels they’d had lately. But her happiness couldn’t be enjoyed for long, for Marshall’s mother was poised to attack.

“How dare you attack royalty? Who do you think you are?!”

Fionna raised her chin at the enemy, eliminating all fear from her expression. “I’m Fionna the Human.” She yelled with confidence. Gesturing to her rescuer, she continued “and this is Prince Gumball. We’re going to stop you, ya crazy old bag!”

“You? Stop me?” The demon woman cackled. Her voice dripped with evil and malice. “I’d like to see you try.”

With an ear-shattering battle cry, Fionna ran at Marshall’s mom. But as she approached, Marshall’s mom morphed and grew into a great demon creature. She was covered in tentacles, all black, with several glowing red eyes. It was her demon form.

Gazing up at the massive monster, Fionna was daunted for a moment, but then she quickly regained her bravery.

She looked up at the wicked woman, pointing her sword at her. “You’re the worst mom I’ve ever seen! I’m gonna mess you up!”

As the demon creature laughed at Fionna, the adventuress saw Gumball trembling behind her. “Oh y-yes…” He said, shaking. “I will also m-mess you up.”

Fionna looked back behind her at Cake and Marshall, her unconscious friends. Then she got a new burst of courage.

She began to swing her sword in all directions, trying to hack away at the demon monster of a mother. Fionna screamed as she did, her war cries echoing in the castle hall. She swiped fast, but Marshall’s mother was faster. She dodged Fionna’s blows easily.

Behind her, she could hear Gumball shouting, “Yes! Go get her Fionna!” Fionna realized the cowering prince wasn’t going to be of much help, but she appreciated his moral support.

She jumped and jabbed and slashed, but her sword couldn’t do more than a scratch against the mother’s demonic form. Fionna was growing tired, and her efforts showed no progress.

The enemy still laughed at her. “Silly girl,” she said, her tentacles thrashing about like an octopus. Her voice teased Fionna. “Why do you even try?”

“I’m not going to let you hurt my friends anymore!” Fionna yelled, swinging her sword with all her might. She knew she couldn’t give up. If she gave up, what would happen to Marshall?

Fionna felt pressure wrap around her torso as she was lifted into the air. Suddenly, she was dangling off the ground. She screeched when she figured out Marshall’s mother had picked her up in one of her tentacles. She hacked at the tentacle with her sword, but it was like steel.

“Put me down, you freak! Let me go! I want to fight you!” She wailed.

“This play fighting is getting boring,” The mother said with a bored tone. “You really are useless. I’m not even sure why you came here.”

“Oh, oh dear!” Fionna heard Gumball’s voice. She looked just in time to see him getting wrapped up in a shadowy tentacle as well. There goes our last chance, Fionna thought grimly, as if PG would be able to defeat this monster.

With no more options, Fionna tried her best to writhe and fight, desperately trying to get out of the monster’s grasp. Soon, Fionna and Gumball were both screaming. With no one left on their side to fight, it seemed hopeless.

“I know what I’ll do with you two. All this drama has made me a bit hungry.” The demon said to her captives. “I’m sure you’ll taste delightful.”

“No! Please, let me go!” Fionna screamed. But it was no use. Soon Fionna and Gumball were dangling over the demon’s monstrous mouth. It looked like a black hole. Fionna yelled and kicked and fought with all her strength. But nothing worked. The woman cackled loud in her ears, she had won. Fionna knew it was over; there wasn’t anything she could do.

Just then, when all seemed hopeless, the woman suddenly screeched, releasing Fionna and Gumball. They fell to the ground, shocked that they were alive. Fionna blinked in shock, looking up to see a similar demon creature attacking the Lady of Evil.

Fionna gasped. “It’s Marshall.”

The demon version of Marshall punched and wrestled the murderous woman. The adventuress and the prince watched from the ground as the two massive beasts battled above them.

Gumball was staring up in shock. “He-he’s a-awake?” PG stuttered in surprise.

“Accelerated healing,” Fionna said breathlessly. She laid back in awe, watching Marshall’s great strength in battle. He may be a demon, she thought, looking at him with admiration, but he was fighting for good.

Shaking her head, and coming back to reality, Fionna leapt up and grabbed her sword again. But, as soon as she tried to launch back into battle, she realized Marshall really didn’t need any help. She watched in surprise as Marshall overpowered his demon mother, the ruler of the Nightosphere.

Marshall had her pinned down, hissing in her face. Seeing the battle was over, she returned to her normal form, and Marshall did the same.

“Marshall?! You traitor!” The Lady of Evil spat in his face, anger dripping from her words. She tried to remove herself from her son’s grip, but he was stronger.

“You can’t control me anymore!” Marshall said. His face was so intense and full of fury, Fionna was captivated. He looked as though he was getting revenge for many, many years of torture, more than Fionna could imagine.

“I’m your mother!” She screeched in outrage.

“You call yourself a mother?!” Marshall bared his fangs in her face. “You’re no mother of mine!”

“Oh.” The Lady of Evil sighed, relaxing onto the floor in defeat. “Someday, you will welcome your destiny, my son. You and I… We’re not as different as you think.”

She began to fade away. He body turning into shadows. “Never!” Marshall screamed at her. “I will never be like you!”

She laughed quietly as her body disintegrated into shadows, disappearing into the floor. Her chilling laugh echoed in the castle for a moment longer after she fled.

Fionna looked at Marshall. He was panting, still staring daggers at the space on the floor where his mother was threatening him a moment ago.

“M-Marshall?” Fionna’s voice shook. She couldn’t muster the strength to take a step towards him.

He began to shake his head vigorously, standing up. “I’m okay,” He took a deep breath. Then he brought a hand up to his head. He cringed. “Wow. That is a huge bump. How hard did you hit me with that thing?” He gestured to PG’s frying pan.

Fionna glanced behind herself at Gumball, who laughed nervously. “Oh, haha. There are no hard feelings, correct?”

Marshall smiled, and Fionna began to see some of the old Marshall returning to his expression. “No, of course not.” Then he glanced at Fionna. “I should be thanking you.” He looked back at PG, saying with sincerity, “Thank you. And I mean it.”

Gumball laughed again. “No problem. There’s nothing a trusty skillet can’t handle.” He tried to flip his pan in the air, but he almost dropped it, giggling nervously.

Suddenly, the weight of everything that just happened dawned on Fionna. It was difficult to wrap her head around it. Fatigue hit her like a wave and she began to feel woozy. She began to look back and forth between Gumball and Marshall, one who was supposed to be good, and one who was supposed to be evil. But it’s not that simple anymore, Fionna’s weary mind thought. It’s much more complicated and confusing.

Fionna swayed back and forth as dark spots began to dance in her vision. She couldn’t see much of the castle anymore and she heard her sword clatter to the ground. She heard the concerned shouts of Marshall and Gumball in the back of her mind and faintly saw them running towards her. Suddenly she felt a distant falling sensation.

The pair of boys caught her as she collapsed to the ground with shouts of “Fionna!” and “Are you alright?!”

Fionna gazed up at the vampire and the prince and smiled in her exhausted stupor. Just before she fainted, she reached a hand up to both of their faces and said “I think you’re both good.”


Cake’s eyes flew open. She jumped up, claws at the ready. “Demon! Where!? Attack!” She shouted. She looked around, blinking, until she realized she was in Marshall’s house. She looked to the side and saw the portal vanishing before her eyes.

She was about to screech ‘FIONNA!’ but then she relaxed. She saw everyone—Fionna, Marshall, and PG—safe and sound, out of the wretched Nightosphere. Marshall carried Fiona gently in his arms, and he was settling her on the couch just as Cake woke up.

“She’s alright, isn’t she, demon boy?” Cake put her hands on her hips.

“She… she fainted.” Marshall looked worried. Cake scampered over to assess her human. She put her hand on her forehead, and listened to her heartbeat. Then she laughed at the vampire.

“Get that worried look off your mug, boy.” Cake smiled at him. “She’s just exhausted… and probably a little shocked from the whole Nightosphere thing.”

Prince Gumball looked relieved, but Marshall still looked a bit uneasy.

Cake, with a lot of reassuring and coaxing words, managed to get the whole story out of the two boys. It seemed as if it was hard for them to talk about it, but Cake had no doubt the horrors of the Nightosphere could scar anyone.

But, the entire time the pair told the story, Cake couldn’t help but notice Marshall. He kept stealing glances at the couch where Fionna lay. It was as if he was still worried about her. His eyes were full of concern for her, and it filled Cake with a warm fuzzy feeling. She had never doubted his love for her, and this only proved it.

When the tale of the battle was over, Cake told the others it would be best if she took Fionna home to rest. They agreed, but before she left, she approached Marshall, putting a motherly paw on his arm.

“Hey, don’t worry about her. She’ll be fine.”

“B-but the Nightosphere, a-and my mom, and…” Marshall stuttered. He looked at Cake, distress clear in his expression. “She saw me in my demon form.”

“Honey, I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’s a tough girl. And I know she always says that, but it’s true.”

The pair looked at the peacefully sleeping Fionna, curled up on Marshall’s couch. She looked battered and exhausted. Cake even noticed slightly dark circles under her eyes. But she still looked peaceful, and when Cake turned to look up at Marshall, the way he looked at her was all the cat ever needed to see. He cared about her as much as Cake did.

“I promise,” She said to Marshall. “Fionna can handle anything.”

Marshall gave Cake a weak smile as she moved to pick up Fionna. She hefted Fionna onto her back and made her way out the door.

As she left, Cake shouted over her shoulder. “Thanks for the great time, y’all. Let’s do this again next week.”

Marshall finally cracked a real smile, but when he looked at Gumball, the poor prince looked like he was going to be sick.


Fionna woke up all snug in her bed. Instantly, the memories of last night, and how she fainted flooded her mind. She leapt out of bed, throwing the covers off and ran out of the bedroom.

“Whoa! Whoa there, superhero!” Cake stopped her with her gentle arms. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Marshall?! Is he okay?! What about PG? Oh, Cake! You’re okay too! Where is everybody? Are they okay?!” Fionna’s mouth ran a million miles per hour, desperately wanting to know what she had missed when she was unconscious.

“Sweetie! Calm down! Chill!” Cake said. “Everyone’s fine!” She took a deep breath and hauled Fionna back into the bedroom and set her on the bed.

“Honey, everyone is A-Okay. PG and Marshall brought us back through the portal, and when we landed in Marshall’s house, I woke up. The two of them managed to piece together the story for me.” She smiled. “It’s all okay, honey-buns. I’m proud of you.”

Fionna let out a long sigh. She relaxed back onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. She couldn’t think of anything to say.

But she finally managed “So, Marshall’s okay and everything?”

“Well, yeah,” Cake scratched the back of her neck. “He didn’t exactly defeat his mother, but she can’t be defeated, she’s the ruler of the Nightosphere.” Cake shrugged. “But, according to Marshall, she won’t bother him for a long time.”

Fionna smiled. “I’m glad he’s okay.”

Cake grinned, ruffling Fionna’s hair. “Me too. Now why don’t you just rest for today, okay? You’ve had enough craziness for a while.”

As much as Fionna was curious about Marshall’s fate, she agreed and stayed in bed for the entire day. She didn’t like it much, but Fionna knew she was wiped. Prince Gumball even came to check on Fionna later in the afternoon, bringing his ‘World-Famous Deliciously Yummy Cupcakes.’

The cupcakes were actually pretty good, but Fionna couldn’t hang out with Gumball without thinking of Marshall. Luckily, while PG was visiting, neither he nor Fionna said a word about the bet or any romantic feelings between them. Fionna was extremely relieved it was all behind them.

Even though they hadn’t said much about the previous day’s events, Fionna had one thing she knew she really had to say.

Just as he rose from the kitchen table to leave, she spoke up. “PG?” She said, nervously.

“Yes, Fionna?”

“Thank you. I mean really, thank you so much for yesterday. I have no idea what would’ve happened if you weren’t there.” She looked up at him sincerely.

PG looked a bit surprised, but then his familiar smile returned. “It was my pleasure,” he said graciously.

When he left, Cake patted her shoulder approvingly, but didn’t say a word.

The rest of the day, Fionna was cooped up in the tree house, aching for the day to be over so Cake would let her go adventuring again the next day. Unfortunately, the day seemed to drag on forever. Fionna played Beemo, organized her weapons, anything to pass the time. Anything to make her stop thinking about Marshall.

Soon, the sky grew darker and twilight set in. Fionna, with nothing else to do, excused herself to bed, leaving Cake in the kitchen putting away dishes. She curled up in her bed, and wished for sleep to come.

Shadows grew in her room as night fell. She watched them as she tried to fall asleep fruitlessly. She simply lay in her bed as the night hours passed, her mind too awake to sleep.

Suddenly, a knocking sound startled her. It was coming from the window.

She pulled off the covers and approached the window. On the other side, she saw the warm, smiling face of the Vampire King.

Fionna forced the window open, a million words wanting to fly off her tongue.

But she couldn’t get any of them out, for Marshall pulled his ax guitar and cleared his throat. To Fionna’s great surprise he began to sing, strumming a perfect tune on the guitar. Fionna listened intently, leaning on the windowsill.

“Good little girl,
Always picking a fight with me.
You know that I'm bad,
But you're spending the night with me.
What do you want from my world?
You're a good little girl.”

Fionna was speechless at both his harmonious voice and his unbelievably romantic lyrics. The song seemed to encompass every aspect of their relationship. Her eyes were wide as she looked up at him. His perfect form was just floating right in front of her window, hair ruffled by the wind and eyes glinting in the moonlight.

The song ended, and he put his guitar on his back again, grinning sheepishly. “So, uh… I figured out the lyrics.”

When Fionna still didn’t respond, he looked a little nervous. “They flow better now, so… you know.”

Then, like a bolt of lightning, Fionna leapt off the window sill in a grand display of love. She soared through the night air, right into Marshall’s arms. She grabbed onto his neck as he caught her. His expression was more than shocked, it was stunned. His eyes were wider than Fionna had ever seen them. Seeing him again filled her with happiness. She grinned from ear to ear as she smashed her lips to his.


Marshall nearly forgot to levitate. They dropped a few feet before he regained his wits.

He wrapped his arms around Fionna and cradled her to him. Once he got over his astonishment, he suddenly realized how much he missed the taste of Fionna’s lips. They were soft and pink, and tasted surprisingly like cupcakes.

He kissed her senselessly. Pulling her closer, he repeatedly captured her lips in his, reveling in how perfectly their lips fit together. When she gasped for breath he stuck his tongue in her mouth, starting a passionate dance of tongues. All the worry he was keeping pent up since he saw Cake carry her out of his house suddenly washed away with this one kiss. He was more than relieved to have Fionna safe in his arms.

When they finally broke away, Marshall searched Fionna’s eyes.

“You aren’t mad at me?” He asked uneasily.

Fionna put her soft hands on his face. “About what?” She asked.

“Everything.” He looked away, guiltily.

“No!” She laughed. “I’m not mad! I get it,” she assured him.

“You do?”

“Yes, and to tell you the truth, I’m just glad this whole thing is over, and you’re okay.”

He smiled. Relief filled his cold heart. Never before had he felt so human, so good.

But one more thought crossed his mind.

“You still aren’t scared of me?”

“Scared of you? What I saw in the Nightosphere was the most heroic display of bravery I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t know who told you that you’re evil. I don’t see an evil bone in your body.”

With that, Marshall had no more questions. His mind was finally at ease. He leaned forward, kissing Fionna softly on the lips.

Fionna and Marshall were day and night, but by being together they had saved each other’s lives, and for once, Marshall Lee felt like the hero, and not the villain.

Suddenly, Fionna pulled back, halting the kiss. She looked at Marshall with a mischievous glint in her eye.

“But, you know… You can still be my bad little boy.”
The next day, Marshall and Fionna went out to defeat some pesky giant that was attacking the Breakfast Kingdom. But Marshall could barely remember the details, it was all fuzzy.

He kept feeling the pull of his mother, of the Nightosphere, deep in his gut. It nearly took all his concentration to keep it a bay, to keep his composure. There was pain in his heart and his head and his chest and he did all in his power to endure it.

Despite the terrible things happening to him, Marshall managed to hide it from Fionna. Only once, aside from last night, did she ever suspect anything. That was because Marshall was so focused on containing the Nightosphere energy, he didn’t reply to whatever she had said to him. They were headed home when it happened.

“Marshall?” She said, arching an eyebrow. “You okay?”

“Hm?” He shook his head. “Yeah, totally, just a little headache. Sorry.”

“We’ve had a long day.” She smiled sympathetically. She came over and squeezed his hand.

To Marshall’s great surprise, when Fionna consoled him the demonic energy seemed to subside a bit. This gave him unrealistic hope that his relationship with Fionna would keep his mother away. But he knew there was no way to avoid destiny.

When they got to the tree house, Marshall was worried to leave Fionna. Would it be the last time he saw her? Would he get the chance to come back the next day? He never knew the exact day at which his mother would take him, all he knew was it was approaching. His worry must’ve shown in his eyes, because Fionna’s hand suddenly brushed the hair out of his face.

“Marshall, why do you look so sad?”

He shook off the troubled look, smiling. He let out a warm chuckle, wrapping his arm around Fionna’s waist. “I just hate leaving you every night.”

He leaned in and kissed her. The kiss was slow and sensual. Marshall enjoyed it, he reveled in Fionna’s incredibly soft lips as if it was the last time he would taste them. He reluctantly pulled back, and as he did so one of his fangs grazing her lower lip. It was as if he was surrounded by reminders of his evil descent.

“Fionna,” He said quietly, putting his forehead against hers. “What if I turn into a monster one day?”

Fionna seemed puzzled for a second, and then she smiled. She put her nose to his, their lips so close it was as if only a few air molecules separated them. “I’ll stop you. I’ll stop you from turning into a monster.” She leaned up and kissed him softly, “I’ve stopped countless monsters. You can count on me to save you.”

Marshall was filled with a sort of joy that was very rare to him. Fionna’s confidence was something he had never seen before in a person. When they finally said goodnight, Marshall flew home. But as he flew home, the negativity set in as the Nightosphere energy got stronger within him. Fionna is indeed a great hero; he had even seen her in action. But what could she do against Marshall Lee’s irreversible destiny? The thought made him even more worried as he flew through the night sky back to his house.

What will Fionna save me from, he thought, myself?

He hated avoiding this problem whenever he was around her. As the pain grew stronger in the night, his mother’s voice struggling to reach him, Marshall decided Fionna had to know.

He was going to tell her tomorrow, before it was too late.


Fionna was awoken by more letters. She came out to the kitchen in the morning to see Cake with armfuls of them. They were scattered on the table and the counters, everywhere. Fionna gasped.

“Cake, what the—?”

“Fi, Mo-Chro said he talked to PG, but he won’t stop. He’s crazy! Whatever he’s trying to tell you, apparently it’s important! I mean, this is ridiculous!” The cat yelled, dropping her bundle of envelopes. She looked distressed, both for Fionna and Monochromicorn’s health. The cat even kicked some of the letters in anger.

Fionna’s astonished expression scanned the scene; each one of the dozens of envelopes was a warning from her Prince. What incredible, powerful fear could’ve possessed him to do this?

Finally, with a blank and expressionless face she said “I have to talk to Marshall.”

“Fi, no!” Cake called as Fionna rushed to throw on her clothes. “Fi, you don’t have to do this! PG is just being dramatic, didn’t I tell ya that?”

“No. Cake. This is getting weird.” Fionna smoothed her hair and slipped on her hat. “Something’s up and I have to check it out.”

“This isn’t necessary, baby. You don’t have to—”

But Fionna was gone, shutting the door and cutting Cake off. Cake would understand, Fionna thought. I am on a mission to find out the truth.


Fionna traipsed through the fields, a determined glint in her eye. She was walking straight in the direction to Marshall’s house. She wasn’t sure what she was going to say when she got there, but boy was she going to figure it out. All this weirdness has gone on for too long, and Fionna is fed up and tired of being confused.

But, just then, her trek through the fields was halted by a call of “Fionna!”

She whirled around to see none other than Prince Gumball running through the grass, waving frantically. “Fionna, wait!”

Fionna stood in shock as the prince ran up to her, and then bent over with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. She hadn’t seen this man in what felt like ages, and here he was, running up to her, in the flesh.

“Fionna,” he panted, regaining his composure. “You can’t go see Marshall! You have to stop! There is something very wrong with hi—”

“NO!” Fionna shouted, shocking the prince into silence. “There is something very wrong with you! You are messed up in the head, man! You and all your insane letters! Why are you going so whacked-out crazy on me?!”

“What? No!” Gumball began, pleading with Fionna. “You have to listen to me! Marshall, his destiny has come—”

“What are you carrying on about? What do you mean his destiny?” Fionna spat.

“It’s very complicated,” PG said softly, hoping to calm Fionna down. “You see, he truly is evil, as much as he doesn’t want to be. And, being the Vampire King, he’s destined to one day—”

“Fionna, no!” PG’s speech was interrupted by none other than the Vampire King himself swooping in. Fionna looked back and forth from each boy in shock. This was getting weirder and weirder. Marshall took both of Fionna’s hands in his and said softly “don’t listen to him.”

“Marshall!” PG shouted hotly.

Marshall released Fionna’s hands to confront the prince. “You have no right to be all up in my business like this! I should be the one to tell her, not you!” He poked PG in the chest.

“Oh, really?” Gumball countered. “And when were you going to tell her, oh great King? You’re not the only person in this kingdom that knows your destiny is calling. I can very well tell her for you.” PG said with a knowing expression.

“You nosy, little, pink jerk! I was going to tell her today!”

“Oh, sure,” the prince said coolly, “that’s about as believable as you telling Fionna you only started dating her because of a bet.”

Fionna’s expression turned blank. “What?”

“That’s right,” Gumball said, an arrogant smile on his face.

Marshall panicked. “PG, you know that’s not—”

The prince held up his hand to stop Marshall’s interruption. He had malice in his eyes and Marshall knew what he was about to say. Marshall could tell, PG was tired of being ignored and he was about to get everything off his chest. “No, it is true.  Marshall Lee, the Vampire King, the ladies’ man, the guy who always gets what he wants.” PG began, staring daggers at Marshall. “He, being the over-confident man he is, bet me on the day he met you that he could date you before I could muster up the courage to ask you out. The competition is still going, in fact, despite the fact that I will never have a chance at this point.” PG crossed his arms with a nonchalant expression on his features.

Fionna felt as though she’d been punched hard in the gut, hard.

She looked from Marshall’s stunned face to Prince Gumball’s smug one. For the first time in a long time, she had absolutely no idea what to say. Her eyes began to fill with tears.

Looking up at Marshall, she said “is that true?”

Marshall stared at Fionna; his eyes were filled with so much regret. He scratched the back of his neck in discomfort, unsure of how to reply. He searched frantically for something to say, but came up with nothing intelligent. He’d been cornered. “Well, uh… it’s not a lie…”

“I can’t believe you!” Fionna shouted in his face, hot tears beginning to run down her face.

“No, you don’t understand!” He tried to take her hands again. “It’s not about that anymore!”

She ripped her hands away from him. “Yeah, right! How am I supposed to know what it’s about anymore?! All you ever do it keep secrets from me!”


“I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you did this to me! I thought you really liked me!” Her voice was filled with so much sadness, and anger, and despair; it cut into both boys’ hearts like icicles.

“Fionna, I—” Marshall put his hand out to touch her shoulder, but she turned away.

“Don’t you dare touch me! I just—argh!” She clutched her head, shutting her eyes in confusion. She didn’t know what to think anymore. She was filled with so much rage; words just fell out of her mouth. “I can’t believe this! Just stay away from me! PG was right! You are a monster!”

As the tears poured from her eyes, she turned and ran.

And run she did, all the way back to the tree house. Sprinting and stumbling through the bright green grass, she realized this was the second time her heart had shattered into a million pieces. And this time, it was at the hands of someone who was supposed to be the cure, someone who was going to heal her broken heart.

But instead Marshall hurt her worse than Gumball ever could have.


Marshall looked at Prince Gumball for a long second, a pained expression in his eyes. He didn’t say anything, not one word. A silent conversation seemed to pass between the friends. Gumball knew he went too far. But Marshall knew it was bound to happen sometime.

Then, with a cold feeling in his heart, Marshall turned and flew away.

How could I have been so stupid?! Marshall berated himself the whole way home. Why didn’t I tell her earlier! I should’ve said something! I should’ve known Gumball would blow it for me.

When he passed through the threshold of his door he kicked it in rage. “Argh!” He yelled in fury. He kicked the couch. He punched the wall. He damaged quite a few things in rage.

How could I’ve let this happen?! Now she hates me!

After his rampage around his house, he leaned against the kitchen doorframe, and put his head in his hands. “I can’t believe this,” He said to the quiet house. “She’s never going to want to speak to me again.” Losing Fionna’s trust felt worse than anything he’d ever experienced. He’d been through many hardships, but this tore a hole in his cold heart unlike anything else.

When he finally composed himself, he decided to start cleaning up the mess he had made. But, as soon as he began to move, a horrible pain wracked his core, and he doubled over, collapsing on the floor in pain.

“No. No!” He said aloud. He could feel the Nightosphere energy, it was close. “No, please, this can’t be happening!”

Marshall stumbled to his feet, clutching the wall. He started to slowly make his way to the door with wobbling footsteps. Being in his house alone, with his negative thoughts, was making the demon within him stronger. He knew he had to get out. His demon nature was going to consume him from the inside out.

“No, please,” He begged, trying with all his might to get to the door, but with no avail. As another spasm of Nightosphere energy attacked his body, he fell to the ground again. He could already feel himself turning into a demon.

“No!” He thought about Fionna, and all the reasons he wanted to stay in Aaa, but he couldn’t resist the pull of the Nightosphere. Just then, the voice piped in.

“It’s time, my son.”

“No!” Marshall cried again, trying to crawl out the door.

“You’re not getting away from me this time,” the voice boomed.

Then with a flash of smoke and shadows, a great portal to the Nightosphere opened up right in the middle of Marshall’s house. He glanced back and saw it, a great swirling vortex of darkness. His eyes widened in shock and he felt a horrible pang of fear in his stomach. It’s true, it’s really happening.

“No, no, please!” He begged. But the portal was sucking him in like a vacuum. He grasped at the carpet, the furniture, anything to keep him out of the wretched Nightosphere. But the pull was too strong. It was no use.

“It’s time, Marshall.” The voice echoed all around him.

“No! No! No!” Marshall’s screams faded away as the portal sucked him in, taking him to face the unrelenting wrath of his immortal mother.


This depression was a different kind of depression.

It wasn’t loud and despairing, crying and carrying on about her broken heart. No, this time there was no crying into the ice cream tub, and holding Cake like a stuffed animal. No, it wasn’t anything like that.

It was quiet, anguishing tears. Tears that fell without a sound, wetting Fionna’s cheeks. Her sobs were as quiet as possible, only able to be heard if you listened closely. It was silent suffering.

As soon as Fionna had arrived home from her terrible encounter with Prince Gumball and Marshall, she walked with heavy feet into her bedroom, and crawled, literally, into her bed. And she remained there, sobbing, as time went by.

Cake approached the quiet, weeping girl, and consoled her softly.

She eventually got the whole story out of Fionna, after much coaxing. Fionna managed to explain the whole thing to Cake while tears ran down her pillow.

“Oh, Cake,” Fionna said after her tragic tale was told, “my stupid heart hurts.”

“Oh, baby,” Cake put a reassuring paw on Fionna’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry. I promise it will get better.”

The two sat in silence as Cake contemplated what Fionna had said.

The cat consoled her human as the sky outside grew dark, and night fell in. It was relief for Fionna, because she just wanted this day to be over. But Cake wasn’t quite done with the day yet. She had an idea.

“Fi?” Cake said.

“Yeah,” Fionna said, rubbing her sore, bloodshot eyes.

“This doesn’t sound like Marshall.”

“Oh, Cake, can it, will ya?” Fionna said, her voice sounded defeated. She pulled the covers up over head and groaned. “We barely knew the man for a few months. You aren’t an expert on him.”

“No, Fi, listen.” She said softly. “I’m serious. This doesn’t sound anything like him. I don’t know what went on between him and Gumball, but I do know the way he looked at you.”

Fionna slowly lowered the covers and revealed her wide and curious eyes to Cake. “What do you mean?”

“Honey, even if some stupid guy-fight started it, it wouldn’t matter one bit. The way Marshall looked at you, the way he treated you, he loved you.” Cake said, matter-of-factly.

“Cake—” Fionna wanted to tell Cake she was wrong, but Cake stopped her.

“It’s true, honey. I’ve been on this earth for quite a while, and I’ve even found the love of my life. And, I know you might not believe me, but babe, I know love when I see it.”

Fionna untangled herself from the bed sheets and slowly sat up, a newfound hope blossoming in her eyes.

“You think so?”

“I know so,” Cake said with a smile.

Fionna looked hopeful for a moment, then her brow furrowed. “So, if he loved me so much, why didn’t he tell me about the bet?”

“Oh, Fionna,” Cake let out a hearty laugh. “Men want to keep their women happy. I can name a dozen times when Mo-Chro kept something a secret from me just because he didn’t want me to worry or get upset. It’s all out of generosity. I could be here all night explaining why guys do the stupid things they do.” The cat smiled, ruffling Fionna’s hair in a motherly fashion.

“Alright, I believe you,” Fionna said. “But what do you propose I do about it, oh wise one?”

“Hm…” Cake put on her thoughtful face. “Didn’t you say Marshall’s been acting weird the last few days?”

“Yeah, like he seemed sick or something.” Fionna said, thinking back to Marshall’s strange behavior lately.

“Why don’t we go check on him? And then you guys can talk out this whole bet thing.”

Fionna rubbed her eyes again, worn from all the crying. “Alright,” She said, trying to muster her courage again. “I’m game. Let’s go figure this out.”

And without further ado, the pair leapt into action and set off into the night for Marshall’s house.


Upon arriving, the pair gingerly walked into the cave. As soon as they were inside the cavern, Fionna sensed that something was different, she just had a feeling.

And, lo and behold, as they approached Marshall’s house, Cake’s tail frizzed out.

“Oh no,” Fionna murmured, her feeling was right, something strange was up.

“Ooh!” Cake said worriedly.

“What does is mean, Cake?”

“Oh, honey! I sense something bad! Bad, bad, bad!” Cake’s eyes darted around, wide and scared.

Fionna looked to the house with a determined expression. She drew her sword and looked to Cake. “Let’s go.”

Cake shivered in fear. “Oh, alright. I’m right behind you, babe.”

The pair slowly walked up the steps to his house. As they passed through the threshold, they gasped.

“What is it?!” Fionna exclaimed.

Cake drew in a sharp breath. “It’s the Nightosphere.”

“Oh no! Something terrible must’ve happened to him!” Fionna said with fire in her eyes. “We gotta go in, Cake.”

“Oh boy,” Cake said. “Why do we get ourselves involved in all this crazy junk?”

“Come on, Cake, chill out. We can do this.” She looked confidently at her cat, and then approached the swirling portal. “Here goes nothing.”

She jumped right into the portal, with her trusty cat right behind her.


Fionna and Cake landed in what looked like a massive castle. But instead of being warm and welcoming like Prince Gumball’s castle, it was exactly the opposite. It was bathed in shadows and the walls and ceilings were decorated in spikes and fire. Fionna had never seen a place so horrific.

“Marshall?” She called, her voice echoing loudly.

She took a few steps forward with darkness on all sides of her. “Marshall?” She called again.

Then, she heard maniacal laughter, so loud it rang in her ears. It sounded like a woman.

“Oh, you’re looking for Marshy? Well you might as well turn around and go home. There’s no saving him, little girl.”

Fionna readied her sword, not knowing where to aim it. All she saw was shadows. The woman was nowhere to be seen. She was merely a voice. “What have you done with him?” She commanded.

“Excuse me, Ms. Nosy-Pants.” The echoing voice cooed. “That’s none of your business, that’s between me and Marshy.”

“Show yourself!” Fionna yelled. “Who are you?! What have you done to Marshall?! Come out and fight me!”

“Right,” The voice scoffed at them. “A pathetic girl and a little kitty against me? The Lady of Evil?”

“Aye!” Cake yelled at the voice. “Do I look little to you? I could kick you’re sassy, shadowy behind to next week!”

Fionna put a hand on Cake’s shoulder to calm her down. Her stomach plummeted at the realization. “You-you’re the ruler of the N-Nightosphere?” She stuttered, fear bubbling up in her stomach.

“But of course.” The voice said in a proud tone. “Who else could have produced such a perfect heir to the throne?”

Suddenly, in a flourish of shadows, Marshall Lee materialized in the center of the room.

He looked different, he looked broken. Fionna had a hard time deciphering his expression.

“Marshall!” She cried, reaching out to him, but too frightened to approach him. Unfortunately, her cat wasn’t so cautious.

“I’ll get him!” Cake wailed out a battle cry, and charged towards the vampire, claws out and all. But as soon as she neared him, an enormous hand made out of shadows seemed to materialize from the darkness, and it smacked Cake away. She landed on the ground near Fionna, unconscious, but otherwise unharmed. Fionna made sure her cat was okay before turning to the enemy.

“HEY!” Fionna shouted at the voice. Now she was more angry than scared. “You didn’t have to do that, you big jerk!”

“Why of course I did,” The voice said. “If for nothing else, I live only to protect my heir.”

Fionna looked up into the ceiling, and around the castle walls, wishing to see this woman who was speaking. But she remained an echoing voice. “You said heir,” Fionna said, clutching her sword nervously, “so that means Marshall is your…?”

“Son.” The voice finished. “Marshall is my son, and I have brought him here to take over my throne and rule the Nightosphere. And if you think that somehow you can stop me, your puny little brain is wrong.”

Those last words echoed loudly, ringing in Fionna’s ears. It was terrifying enough to make her want to pick up her limp cat and dart for home.

But then she looked at Marshall, who stood motionless in the middle of the great castle.

There was something in his eyes that begged Fionna to stay and fight.

What she saw in his eyes was pain.
The following days were blissful for Fionna. Her relationship with Marshall only blossomed from there, and it blossomed into something Fionna never imagined it could. It was the sort of relationship that Fionna had always dreamed about having with Prince Gumball, but now, with Marshall, it was even better than her dreams. She constantly asked herself how something this wonderful could have walked into her life so suddenly.

Marshall took her places in the far reaches of Aaa, by all the dark forests and caves where night-dwellers like him spent their time. While they weren’t the cheeriest of places, it was great fun for Fionna, getting to explore these places with someone like Marshall who knew them backwards and forwards. In return, Fionna invited Marshall to go on every adventure with her and Cake. And, on the rare and wonderful occasion that Cake had plans with Lord Monochromicorn, Marshall himself would accompany Fionna as her strong and trustworthy sidekick. He was so fun and interesting, full of humor and mystery at the same time. Fionna constantly reveled in how well they got along. They were a perfect pair. Never was there a dull moment. The relationship seemed to be growing smoothly.

But, one odd morning, Fionna yawned, got up and got ready for the day, and wandered out to meet Cake in the kitchen. When she walked in, Cake had a terribly grumpy look on her face. Fionna sat down at the table, and before Fionna could even ask what was wrong, Cake tossed something on the table.

With an angry grunt, she said “that came for you.”

She went to prepare breakfast, and left Fionna to stare at the envelope. In beautiful, yet shaky handwriting, it read ‘My dearest, Fionna.’

Fionna’s heart beat loud in her chest. She stared at the envelope, hoping if she stared hard enough, it would burst into flames.

She sat there for several more silent, thoughtful seconds, and then she made her decision.

She stood up, grabbed the envelope, and crumpled it.

Fionna walked calmly over to the trash can and tossed it in. Cake smirked as she followed Fionna out the door. She was proud of her no-longer-heart-broken Fionna.


“So, where are we off to today, Cake?” Fionna said cheerfully.

“I don’t know, I didn’t have anywhere really specific planned…” Cake pondered. Then she smiled, winking at Fionna. “But I’m sure we’ll run into a vampire somewhere.”

“Oh jeez,” Fionna rolled her eyes. “I bet you’re going to say that every time we leave the house now.”

Cake shrugged. “I just…” She paused. “I just really think he’s a good guy for you.”

“Well he doesn’t think that.” Fionna said with a huff, crossing her arms and furrowing her eyebrows.

“What do you mean?” Cake sounded shocked. “Did he tell you he doesn’t want a relationshi—”

“No, no, it’s not that,” Fionna reassured her, “it’s just… he always comes back to the fact that he’s a vampire.”

“He eats shades of red,” Cake pointed out. “All the vampires in Aaa can be sustained on red, they don’t need blood.”

“I know that, but you know… He’s also part demon. He’s from the Nightosphere. He told me that once.” Fionna looked out in the distance, thinking about what the Nightosphere might hold.

“Well, scary things have never stopped us. Who cares if he’s from the Nightosphere?” Cake said, puffing out her chest.

Fionna thought for a moment, not sure if she really wanted to know. But curiosity got the best of her. “Do you know anything about the Nightosphere, Cake?”

In her spookiest voice, Cake said “I hear it’s a demonic wasteland full of chaos and engulfed in flames. It’s ruled by a demon that they call the Lady of Evil. They say she’s so evil; she can suck the soul out of any living thing. Of course that rarely happens because she hasn’t been out of the Nightosphere in ages. I’ve never met anyone in my lifetime that’s seen her or been to the Nightosphere in person. It could all be a myth.”

“It can’t be a myth; Marshall said that’s where he grew up when he was really little.” Then, upon realization, Fionna shuddered. “Man, that sounds like a terrible place to grow up.”

“Well he is the Vampire King. I’ve heard some say he might rule over all the demons.” Cake said, nudging Fionna. “You seem to attract royalty.” She chuckled.

Fionna sighed. “Yeah, I don’t know anything about that, either. I mean, he doesn’t even act like a king. Ever.”

“Why don’t you ask him?”

“Oh, Cake, I’ve tried. He’s just so set on keeping his whole past a mystery to me.” She said, frustrated.

“Time, honey.” Cake assured her. “Time will reveal all.”

“Thank you, oh wise cat,” Fionna teased.

Cake flicked her with her tail, and the pair laughed as they strolled along the fields of Aaa. Cake looked up, examining the sky.

“Hey,” she said, “it looks like it’s going to be a good day today. Since the wind is going north, the clouds seem like they might clear.”

“Oh, yeah!” Fionna said cheerfully, looking at the small patches of sunlight far in the distance.

Cake’s eyes were alight with the promise of an exciting day. “I wonder what we should do. We could go to the Wildberry Kingdom, or maybe we could visit—” Suddenly her face turned pale and her mouth went slack. “Oh no,” she murmured.

“What?!” Fionna was alarmed.

“When Mo-Chro came by earlier he told me there were some fights breaking out in Lumpy Space and we were supposed to go help out! Oh, silly Cake! I totally forgot because I was so focused on that dumb letter!”

“Oh, glob!” Fionna shouted. “We better get to the portal then!” Fionna said.

But as the pair began to charge off, Fionna smacked right into someone.

“Ow, oh!” She jumped back, startled.

Looking down she saw red sneakers, and dark jeans covering lanky legs. She saw a soft red and black plaid shirt that looked perfect around a slim waist and chest. Her eyes traveled up to see Marshall’s cool expression gazing down at her through his black hair.

“Hey,” He said, calmly.

“Marshall!” Fionna almost squealed, grinning from ear to ear. Her mission to Lumpy Space completely fled her mind.

“Hey, Cake,” Marshall said before Fionna could say anything. “There’s this super radical guy over there and he’s selling some amazing brownies.” He jerked his thumb towards the forest that began nearby.

“Brownies!” Her eyes popped out of her head. “Oh, sweet babies!”

She scampered off at lightning speed, and as soon as her back was turned, Marshall took Fionna’s hand. He spun her around like a dancer until they were nose-to-nose.

“Hello,” he said, quietly.

“Hi,” Fionna breathed, already falling into the kiss.

Marshall took her face in her hands and kissed her softly. It was delicate and welcoming and it made Fionna’s toes tingle. When he broke away, he said, “How are you on this fine morning?”

Fionna giggled like a school girl, unable to hold it in. “Better since I ran into you.”

“Literally,” he laughed, pulling her in for another kiss.

“I didn’t see any brow—Aye! Hey, lovebirds!” Cake yelled.

The vampire whispered with fake concern on Fionna’s lips. “Oh no, she caught us in the act.” Marshall pulled away and gave Cake a very phony, surprised expression. He even put one hand on his hip for added sass. “You didn’t find him?”

“Hahaha,” Cake wagged her finger, “You almost got me, demon-boy. I’m not amused.”

“Oh, you know I love you, Cake,” he smiled. “So where are we off to today?”

“There’s been a few disputes in—”

Cake was cut off when the cloud cover moved away from the sun. Marshall was so enraptured by Fionna and Cake, his new beloved friends, he completely forgot about the danger he was in, forgetting to watch the sky.

He suddenly cried out as the sun rays came out from behind the clouds and singed his face.

“Marshall!” Fionna screamed as he crumpled to the ground. The pair gathered around his form as he cringed in pain.

“What is it?!”

“The sun,” he rasped. He hunched over on the grass, hand gingerly touching his burned face.

Cake suddenly stretched to great proportions, covering the vampire.

“The sun? You get burned by the sun?!” Fionna was almost in tears, her eyes scanning Marshall, trying to find some way she could help.

He nodded, and Cake said “he still has the weaknesses of a vampire.”

“Oh my glob, Marshall, I didn’t even think about it! I’m so sorry!” Fionna said, caressing his face, examining the large affected area.

“It’s alright,” Marshall said, forcing a smile. “I’m usually pretty good at watching the weather.” He cracked a weak smile, and his fangs glinted in the daylight. “I guess I forgot because I wanted to come see you so badly.”

“Oh!” Fionna was laughing and tearing up. She felt a sort of love between her and Marshall she’d never experienced before, and it made her incredibly happy. “Marshall, I just—”

She trailed off, choking on sobs and giggles. She pulled herself together as she examined the wounds that covered most of the right side of his face.

“Come on, Cake,” Fionna put her game face on. “We gotta get him back to his house. There he’ll be able to—”

Fionna paused. Her words caught in her mouth. She’d never been to his house.

“Is it okay if we take you back to your house?”

“Yeah,” He smiled.

Fionna nervously brushed a blonde lock of hair back into her hat. “I’ve never been there.”

“There’s a first time for everything.” He replied as Fionna helped him to stand, letting him lean against her as they walked. Cake provided traveling shade above them.

“Well, I guess you’ll have to tell us how to get there,” The cat said.


Marshall’s house was not anything Fionna had expected it to be like. It wasn’t particularly scary or creepy. The only thing about it that made sense was that it was inside a large cavern, very fitting for a vampire.

When they reached the mouth of the cave, and reprieve from the unrelenting sunlight, Cake left them to get a head start on the Lumpy Space problem. She told Fionna to get there ASAP.

Fionna agreed, adjusting her grip on the nearly-limp Marshall. He seemed weaker from travelling, but he assured Fionna they were almost there.

“We just gotta go further into the cave.” He said.

They traversed through the dark cavern, past large stalagmites, large puddles of dark cave water and they occasional bat. Dripping water echoing in the distance interrupted the silence. Fionna’s eyes scanned the vast cave, awed at how tall the ceiling was and how far they had been walking. When she glanced back, the light of day was but a dot in her vision.

Soon, to Fionna’s surprise, they came upon a house. A quite normal-looking house. It wasn’t daunting or scary or haunted at all. It was just a house. A plain house with pink walls and a brown roof, completely normal and suburban. It even had a lawn. A lawn in the middle of a cave.

“Wow,” Fionna couldn’t help but saying, her astonishment getting the best of her.

“Yeah,” Marshall managed a chuckled as they passed through the white picket fence.

“It’s so…not scary.”

Marshall looked at Fionna in a sidelong glance. “I never said that I wanted to be an evil demon. Nobody ever came and told me I have to sleep in a coffin.”

Something in his tone made Fionna not want to press the subject anymore. Instead, she looked up at the house, smiling. “I think it’s really nice.”

Marshall looked away. He even looked a bit bashful, which made Fionna’s heart swell for him even more so.

They managed to make it up the wood stairs and finally were at the door.

Marshall finally stood up straight, releasing Fionna and leaning against the door frame. Now that he was turned towards Fionna, she saw the severity of his wound. She cringed, feeling terrible about it.

“Thank you.” Marshall said with his familiar grin.

“I’m really sorry about your—”

“No, don’t try that. Don’t feel like it’s your fault.” He said sternly. With a breath and a pause he said, “Just, thank you.”

Fionna looked up at his face. She gazed at the many different emotions that can be seen on his face; depressed, indifferent, analytical, weary, damaged, content, and even fondness for Fionna. The mishap in the sun had shaken her up so much, she was happy to have him safe and sound right in front of her as they stood in the shade of his cave.

Marshall looked down at Fionna with a serious gaze, full of reserved love and adoration. A chunk of black hair hung in front of his eyes, and Fionna reached up and brushed It away, bringing her hand down to touch Marshall’s cheek. To him, her eyes were so open and genuine. The Vampire King tried his hardest to show such sincerity in his eyes, but it wasn’t something he was used to.

Lucky for him, Fionna didn’t mind. She knew.

Fionna gently ran her thumb across the skin on his cheek that had been burned. It was already starting to heal. Fionna stared intently at the scarring, while Marshall was pleased with watching her concerned face. When she finally met his eyes, she moved in to kiss him.

Carefully caressing his scarring face, Fionna pulled Marshall in for a slow kiss. Deep and meaningful, it was exactly what Marshall needed. He quivered when Fionna touched the sensitive center of his burn; her soft fingers took great care. Marshall’s body was pressed against the doorframe by Fionna, who slowly curled her other hand around his neck. Marshall did not hesitate to reciprocate Fionna’s kiss, which satisfied her greatly.

Fionna finally pulled back, slowly separating their mouths, which had entangled themselves together. She looked up with long lashes and a strand of blonde hair casting shadows on her eyes. She didn’t want to go, but after what Cake said about today’s mission, she knew she had to leave Marshall. When it was time to say farewell, she stepped back a bit and lowered her hand.

“I gotta go.” She said sadly.

As she left the cave, in a very cheesy, romantic voice, Marshall said just the right thing to turn Fionna’s frown into a grin. “I’ll be waiting for you ‘til the sun goes down.”


Marshall watched Fionna sprint out of the cave. He admired her perseverance, running straight from one good deed to the next. She was indeed the most incredible heroine he’d ever met.

He had a smile on his face watching her, but it quickly morphed into a frown as she faded out of sight. He wasn’t pleased one of his very few weaknesses had kept him down as if he was injured. Using the wall for support, he slowly walked through the house and up the ladder to his bedroom. He went into the bathroom and examined his face in the mirror. He scoffed at himself. Injured? It’s barely a scratch. Why am I so weak?!

While the wound from the sun wasn’t all that small; it covered most of his right cheek and forehead in scorched skin, it wasn’t that big of a wound for Marshall. He was puzzled.

I’ve had a lot worse than this, he thought recalling events from his past, and I’ve still got back up to fight. He touched the wound gingerly, trying to think of a reason why it had made him so weak. He had accelerated healing as most vampires did, but this wound seemed to be taking longer to heal than most. Why?

It wasn’t because of Fionna, right? I mean, she’s just a human, she doesn’t have any magical properties that he knew of. And Cake, well, Marshall knew about Cake’s powers and they couldn’t affect him in any way. So why did he not feel like himself?

“Ah!” He cried out, suddenly doubling over, clutching the sink with one hand and his stomach with the other. An incredibly sharp pain erupted in his torso, like fire. “No,” He gasped. A sweat broke out on his forehead as he tried to ward off the pain. He stumbled into the hallway, leaning against the wall. He clutched his forehead as the pain traveled into his head and throughout his body.

Suddenly he realized it wasn’t just pain, it was an urge. A pull from his soul. He felt it and he knew what was happening. “No, no, no.” He begged. “Not now.” Not when so many good things have been happening to him. Why would she be doing this now? He made his way downstairs, stumbling and knocking a picture off the wall. He made it into the kitchen and leaned against the doorframe. He breathed heavily, winded from the effort. The pain spiked again and Marshall heard a voice.

“Come on, Marshy.”

“No!” He yelled into the empty house. “Not right now! Please!”

Marshall’s voice was rising in hysteria. He felt like a voodoo doll, getting punched and poked and prodded by an invisible force.

“It’s time, Marshall.” The voice said again, echoing in his dark mind.

“No! Do not do this to me right now!”

“When is it ever going to be time for you? You’re always going to be floundering around in your stupid candy land strumming on an old piece of junk with strings.”

“SHUT UP!” Marshall roared, his demon eyes flashed suddenly, shadows swirling around him.

He covered his face with his hands, regaining his composure. Taking a deep breath, he looked up and the house was quiet and the voice said no more. He collapsed onto his couch. The pain was slowly subsiding and he knew he had kept her at bay. He breathed a sigh of relief.

He looked out the window, hoping Fionna would be back soon. He was able to fend her off this time, but he had no idea how long he had until she returned.


Fionna walked cautiously into the cave. Since this was only the second time she had ever been to Marshall’s house, her stomach was filling with butterflies. Although she knew she was going to see Marshall, whom she trusted, the dank and eerie cavern gave her an uneasy feeling as she strode along.

It was nearly dark now, and Fionna was more than eager to see Marshall again. She remembered that the last time she was here she didn’t actually go inside the vampire’s house, only stood outside. The thought made her even more nervous.

She finally reached the house that sat among the stalagmites and puddles that dotted the cave. The adventuress tried to put on a confident face as she walked up the creaky wooden steps, but she didn’t feel very confident. The setting sun cast shadows all around the cave and on the house, and Fionna couldn’t help but be a bit intimidated.

Fionna rapped her knuckles on the door three times, and then waited.

Just a heartbeat later, the door creaked, and slowly slid open. It opened to reveal a very conventional-style house. It had wallpaper and a couch and a kitchen, and it didn’t look creepy at all. It didn’t seem scary, like Fionna had anticipated.

But then again, the door had just opened suddenly and she couldn’t see anyone.

“Marshall?” She called into the dark room. Her voice seemed too loud in the silent house. Nothing moved, nothing made a sound. For a moment, Fionna thought Marshall had left.

She took a step through the threshold. “Hello?” She took another step, then another. She felt like an intruder. “Marshall?” She called again. Above her something rustled.

On her fourth step, something dropped behind her with a loud THUMP!

Fionna whirled around. Before her brain could even process that it was Marshall’s tall form, he had struck his foot out, slamming the door shut with a loud BAM! He grabbed her arms with a dark look in his eyes, pushed her swiftly into the wall near the door, and kissed her.

She nearly screamed, but then was silenced by his lips. She let out a garbled noise of surprise before she processed everything. She soon began relaxing into the kiss after that shocking welcome. The squeal of surprise morphed right into a satisfied moan. Marshall’s familiar mouth pushed hers wider and wider, changing angles almost rapidly. The kiss became very deep, and even Marshall couldn’t hold in a low groan.

It was a fierce kiss for a moment, when he slammed her back against the wall, but then it slowed into something more peaceful. His hands moved up to cradle her face. The room around Fionna was much darker with the door closed, but that didn’t matter, because she just closed her eyes and let Marshall embrace her.

Marshall slowly pulled back, letting his teeth gaze Fionna’s lower lip as they parted. His expression soon turned from sultry into a wide grin.

“Cake was right,” Fionna whispered, well out of breath, “You are trouble.”

Marshall let out a slow sigh, pushing his forehead to hers. “I missed you.”

“Yeah.” Fionna poked him in the abs playfully through his plaid shirt. “I can tell.”

Marshall took the hand she used to poke him and slowly brought it to his face, reveling in her soft touch. His eyes were dark and brooding, and they looked at Fionna in a way she couldn’t describe.

“I don’t think I tell you how beautiful you are enough,” Marshall murmured.

“Thank you,” Fionna smiled at this, but she seemed mildly worried, looking into Marshall’s eyes. Something seemed wrong. Something seemed different. “Are you okay, Marshall…” Fionna’s words trailed off as he gently took her head and tipped it to the side, revealing her vulnerable pink flesh. He tenderly placed loving kisses down her neck, sucking softly occasionally.

“Mhm, better now that you’re here” He murmured absently.

As his mouth traveled up and down her neck and shoulders, Fionna’s legs began to feel weak. She closed her eyes, and it was all she could do to keep from whimpering. Her face grew hot and her body tingled. She ached for Marshall’s mouth on hers again. She leaned up to his mouth again.

“Marshall, kiss me again,” She said with urgency.

“Someone missed me too, huh?” He said with a playful growl, grabbing her face again and pulling it to his. The dark, private feeling of Marshall’s home only heightened the pair’s excitement; they kissed each other more intensely than ever. Marshall’s hands slid down her slight curves and she couldn’t help but shudder.

“I did, I missed you so much,” Fionna moaned when they broke for air. “Please, just kiss me harder. Please.”

Pushing closer to the wall so their bodies were flush with each other, Marshall kissed Fionna so deeply he that he wondered if he might accidently swallow her. But the satisfying noises she elicited only encouraged him.

Her knees wobbled so much Marshall noticed.

“Whoa there,” He said in a low voice, “I thought I was the injured one.” He slid his hands onto her thighs, picking her up in a straddle. She wrapped her legs around his torso and the kiss never slowed its pace. As he carried her to his couch he murmured, “I don’t want you fainting on me.”

Fionna giggled quietly in response, pulling his lips to hers by his shirt collar as soon as they were settled on the couch. She pushed his lips open with her tongue with such force he groaned loudly, arching up from where he sat. This just caused her to yank on his plaid button-up even more, making the kiss deeper, more intense.

He cradled her face in his hands, always trying to remind himself that she was delicate, despite the fact that she acted invincible. He slid his hands further up to her butt, pushing her skirt away, and she didn’t even show any bashfulness. If anything, she moaned and shoved her tongue down his throat.

His hands squeezed her bum in response and she broke the kiss with a sharp gasp.

For a split second, Marshall was worried he went too far, but suddenly she was kissing him again, saying against his lips, “so that’s how you wanna play?”

Distracting him with a fierce kiss, she began to rip open the buttons on his shirt. He groaned loudly as Fionna ran her small fingers down his chest and onto his abs, leaving trails of heat on his skin.

“Mmm,” Fionna murmured, her hands playfully teasing with feather light touches up Marshall’s abs. “You’re pretty fit for 1003.”

“Always one for jokes,” he gasped. “How do you do that? I can’t even think of jokes right now.” He sighed, right now the world was only Fionna and her touch and her lips and her everything.

He began to kiss hungrily down her neck again, wondering dangerously close to her chest. Her head fell back, and his tongue went a bit too close to her shirt collar, and she shivered involuntarily. With a sigh, she responded, “come to think of it, I can’t think of anymore right now.”

Marshall chuckled mischievously. “That’s it, don’t think” he murmured, kissing anywhere he could elicit the most noises. He soon moved up and kissed her passionately on the mouth again. It was all teeth and tongue, fierce and fiery.

His hands slid up her shirt, fingers caressing her sides. He pushed his forehead against hers to pull back from the kiss. His voice was soft. “Are you sure this is okay?”

Fionna pulled back all the way and put her hands on either side of his face. “Of course it is, I love you.” She said with a grin. Her thumb ran up and down his cheek. “Hey, your face is all better.”

“Accelerated healing,” He murmured, closing his eyes and leaning back into the kiss. Fionna’s hands caressing his cheekbones were somehow very pleasurable. He kissed her deeply again, satisfied with the moans he received. He nipped at her neck and collarbone, and Fionna breathed out sharply, her hips bucking up on his lap. Marshall’s own hips began to move, creating much-wanted friction.

With his free hand, he slid a finger into the strap of her underwear. When Fionna broke away to moan, he murmured against her lips, “I don’t think you’re gonna need these for a while.”


When Fionna got home much later that night, she found Cake asleep at the kitchen table. When she opened the wooden door with a squeak, Cake awoke with a start.

“Oh, what, where?!” She blinked a few times in the darkness, her eyes adjusting. “Oh, Fi, you’re back.”

“Cake,” she said mildly concerned. “You waited up for me?”

Cake looked confused, as if wondering why she had done that. Then she frowned. “Oh yeah… Now I remember.”

Lifting her arms off the table, she revealed a small stack of crisp, white letters. “Mo-Chro hasn’t stopped coming all day and all night. He’s exhausted, but PG just keeps sending these.”

Fionna covered her mouth with her hands out of shock. “Oh, Cake! What should I do?!”

Cake pushed the letters to the other side of the table, looking at them with disgust.

“I think you should just burn them all. I’ll go turn on the stove,” Cake replied, rising from the table.

“No, Cake!” She pulled her cat back to the table. “What if something’s wrong in the Candy Kingdom?!”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Fi,” Cake sighed, sinking back into the chair. “He’s just all gummed up about you having a boyfriend. It’s called jealousy, it’s very common.”

“Cake, Gumball is more sophisticated than that. This doesn’t seem like him.”

“Just because he’s royalty, honey, doesn’t mean he’s not like every other guy out there.”

“I’m serious, Cake. Gumball just isn’t the type to get jealous. You know that he had other things to worry about. He wouldn’t freak out like this unless something was wrong.” Fionna argued.

“Fine, baby. If you must, open the stupid things. Just know, if you do, you’re not going to have to live with whatever sort of terrible words he may have written.”

“Cake,” Fionna said, astonished, “why the heck do you think it’s something bad?!”

“Honey, a jealous man is a dangerous one.”

“Oh, you’re just being ridiculous. I already said he is not jealous.” Fionna retorted, picking up one of the letters.

“Fi, baby,” Cake yawned, clearly tired of their banter, “you don’t need to defend him so much.”

“I’m not defending him, I just know him, this doesn’t sound like—” Fionna trailed off as her eyes began to travel the urgent cursive scrawl.

My Dearest, Fionna,
I understand if you are still angry with me, you have every right to be. But please, I need to know you are getting my letters. I swear they have nothing to do with me personally or my feelings for that matter; I just want to know you’re okay. You’re walking into a dangerous situation.
Please heed my warning. It’s only out of the goodness of my heart.
~ Prince Gumball

“What the heck?” Fionna said, confused.

She picked up another letter, tossing the opened one on the table. “What is it, babe?” Cake said, picking up the letter.

The next one Fionna opened wasn’t much different.

My Dearest, Fionna,

Please, please, reply to my letters. I am ashamed to beg, but I have no choice. I’m worried something terrible may have happened to you. You just don’t understand the history of this man. I’m not saying this for my own personal gain. I just need you to understand that he’s not good for you.

Please, send me some sort of sign that you’re okay.


~ Prince Gumball

“This is so weird, Cake. They all basically say the same thing.”

Fionna dropped her latest letter on the table and crossed the room to the trash can. She dug until she found the crumpled envelope with her name on it. Opening it with shaky hands, she read.

My Dearest, Fionna

I know you are angry with me. And I understand, but please, don’t disregard this letter. It is imperative that you continue to read. I did not want to intervene, but I fear you are in too much danger.

I advise that you cease all communications with Marshall Lee. I’m sure you’ve already learned he’s a vampire and demon hybrid, but I don’t think you understand how dangerous that makes him. I know you are a fantastic warrior, and I know you can clearly defend yourself, but you still don’t understand, he can overpower you easily. He is truly evil. Marshall has quite a long history that I doubt you know about. I can’t word this any other way; he is simply no good for you. Please, think about the kind of people you surround yourself with, it could be imperative to your health. If I can help or assist you in anyway, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here for you.


~ Prince Gumball

She reread it several times, thoughts swirling in her mind, wondering what on earth PG was thinking. Then she easily crumpled it up again. As she did she felt her heart hardening, and it wasn’t a good feeling.

“You were right, Cake,” Fionna said, expressionless, “he’s jealous.”

Cake came over to rub Fionna’s back as she tossed the crumpled paper in the wastebasket again. “Don’t worry, Fi. We’ll get through this. I’ll think of something to tell Mo-Chro tomorrow. For now, let’s just go to bed.”

Fionna nodded, walking to the bedroom like a zombie. As she walked, she couldn’t help but look at the stack letters on the table. They seemed to stare back at her, leaving a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach, making her question whether her decision was right or wrong.


Marshall turned over and over on his couch. His eyes were bloodshot and his stomach ached. He sat up, staring out the front window at the moon. He hated this, he hated himself, he hated his entire existence right now.

He constantly asked why this was happening to him, just because he was hoping it was all a nightmare, but he knew.

It was his mother. She had long since wanted him to take over the Nightosphere, but Marshall had clearly voiced to her he didn’t want to lead that life. He wanted to be on his own, on the surface. They had constantly fought about it until he found his way to Aaa.

A sharp pang of pain ripped at his chest. He knew she was trying to take him over, tap into the terrible demon blood she passed down to him. She wanted him to become completely demon, a monster.

“Well, I don’t want to!” He wailed out the window into the silence, clutching his chest.

He wished Fionna was here, but he knew he couldn’t keep her all night. He loved her, but he refused to tell her anything was wrong. But it was getting worse and he wasn’t sure about what he should do.

He didn’t feel like a monster when she was around. She always looked at him in a way he’d never been looked at before. It was as if she saw nothing but good in him, like he had a pure soul. He wished he saw that gaze beside him right now. When Fionna was gone he pined for her presence, for her to give him peace of mind.

Be realistic, Marshall, he chastised himself. She’s a human, she has a life. She has to sleep and eat and do all the stuff humans do.

“And you’re just a monster without a heartbeat,” he told himself aloud. “You don’t even deserve love from a human.”

Then the pain started back up again in his torso. He felt the evil like an animal churning up his insides. It was so strong this time he actually cried out.

“Oh, why can’t you stop?!” He screamed at a person who wasn’t there, a person who wasn’t going to listen.
Marshall gazed at the light descending over the mountains as he flew home. The dusk was his favorite time of the day, and it often brought him happiness and the promise of a fun night. But right now, neither was present.

Despite the fact that he had a wonderful day with Fionna, all he wanted to do right now was go home and lay on the couch. He didn’t want to go out to party; he was too upset with himself.

The whole time he was with Fionna, he was reminded that he is currently lying to two very kind people. Gumball and Fionna. Now he was stringing lies with them on either end. It was wearing him down and almost depressing him. Gumball was right, Marshall thought, I really am evil. I’m a terrible person.

He stayed home that night, like he wanted to. The entire night, he stared at the ceiling trying to sort out his confused thoughts. It was one of the few times in Marshall’s life when he wished sleep would overcome him.


That night, after Fionna watched Marshall fly home in the moonlight, she scampered inside and tried to sneak away to her bed. But as she passed through the kitchen, the hyper-alert cat senses of her parent figure got the best of her.

“Hey…” Cake whirled around, scrubbing a pie plate in her hand. “Is that a blush I see?”

“No!” Fionna cried, covering her face with her hands. “Just do the dishes, you crazy old cat!”

Cake laughed as Fionna ran to her room.

After shutting herself inside, she lay in her bed, letting her thoughts run rampant.

Why didn’t Marshall kiss her? That’s a stupid question she thought… It’s not like they were dating. He doesn’t have to give her a kiss goodnight. That was just to be nice yesterday, because she’d had a rough night.

But did he want to kiss her? Was he waiting for something? Oh glob, and why is she blushing? Fionna hasn’t blushed in front of anyone except Gumball.

Ugh! Fionna rubbed her eyes wearily. She truly didn’t like worrying about boys, she would rather worry about monsters or treasure or something like that.

She rolled over and pulled the blanket over her head.

A tall, dark haired boy danced around in her thoughts as she drifted off to sleep.


As it turns out, that same dark haired boy danced around her in real life. Well, flew around her, at least.

Just as he promised, Marshall returned the next day to hang out with them. Then he returned the day after that. And the day after that, and so on.

Marshall fit in perfectly with the duo of Fionna and Cake. His personality meshed well with theirs, and as Cake pointed out, he liked to joke and have fun, just like them.

And as Marshall repeatedly came back day after day, Fionna’s mood improved, and she rarely thought about her pink prince.

Occasionally, every few days or so, Marshall wouldn’t come to her house in the morning and Fionna would start to think about him without trying. Her smile would drop and she would wonder where her new friend was. But, lo and behold, hours later he would arrive and she would cheer up.

And cheery she was. His presence always seemed to make her smile. She still didn’t really know Marshall all that well, but hanging out with him so often made her feel closer to him.

One instance, one of her favorite instances, happened about a week after Fionna had met Marshall. Marshall didn’t come to Fionna’s treehouse for almost the entire day. It was nearly twilight when he got there. Fionna was in her room when he knocked, so Cake answered the door.

Wandering back into the kitchen, Cake yelled up the stairs “honey, door for you!”

Fionna scrambled to the door, but by the time she climbed down the ladder and crossed the entryway to the door, she could hear something outside. She slowed her steps and opened the door slowly.

She saw Marshall floating with his back to the door, cradling his ax guitar.

He was strumming a beautiful tune, and he was singing.

Fionna had heard him sing before, at the daycare, but this seemed different. He thought he was alone, and his voice was just raw, and it sounded so genuine. Fionna was surprised at how it sounded, the perfect mix of strain and ease. His voice just flowed like silk, without sounding girly. It was powerful, yet it sounded as though he sang each word with care.

“Good little girl,
Always picking a fight with me.
Oh, I know that I’m bad,
But that’s because some have hurt me.
Why would you want to be in my world?
You’re a good little girl.”

His guitar suddenly fell silent. He adjusted some of the strings, and just as he was about to play again, Fionna threw open the door.

“That was beautiful.” She blurted out. She immediately covered her mouth with her hands, afraid now that she had made herself known.

“Hey,” He turned around, smiling. He slung his guitar over his back, as he playfully chastised Fionna. “You weren’t supposed to hear that. It’s still a work in progress.”

She lowered her hands. “Sorry.” She wanted to not say anything further, but she was never one to hide what was on her mind. The words fell out.

“What was your song about? Who hurt you?”

“Oh, Fionna,” Marshall sighed, his smile drooping. “That was so long ago—”

“You know, you don’t really tell me anything about yourself.”

Frowning, Marshall grabbed the guitar again. “Fionna, you’ve got to understand. You’re one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever met, and I trust you. But my life has been like this—” he strummed on the instrument in a cool manner, “laid back, fun, carefree—for hundreds of years. If I wanted to tell you all the drama, I would be opening old wounds.” He looked away, adjusting the strings on his guitar again.

Fionna was silent, looking up at him with disappointment in her eyes.

Suddenly Marshall met her eyes and his frown melted back into a smile.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” He said, coming over to ruffle her ears again. “Don’t be sad.” She lowered her eyes to the ground in an attempt to hide her expression. He put his hands on either side of Fionna’s face, forcing her to look up at him. “Hey, I’m the Vampire King. I was born to deal with these things. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Fionna nodded, her expression unchanging.

He released her face and started off into the fields. He beckoned for her to follow him, smiling brightly. “Now come on. Let’s do something fun!”

Fionna finally let it go, and scampered after him.

Her grin soon returned and she said “I can’t imagine you being the king of anything. All you do is play guitar and make jokes.”

Marshall erupted in laughter, and the tension between them melted. Even though Marshall hadn’t told her anything, she still felt like she was growing closer to him. Not only that, but she discovered her love for his singing voice.


Although Marshall’s mind was in turmoil about PG and Fionna in the nighttime hours, the happiness during the day continued for weeks.

Lucky for Marshall, the days were either very cloudy, or they started out sunny and quickly became cloudy. When the sun did shine in the morning, he hated it; being cooped up in his house, wondering what Fionna was thinking. He would pace around the living room or work on Fionna’s song, waiting impatiently for the clouds to come so he could zip off to the tree house. The dismal weather brought sadness to others, but for Marshall, it meant the promise of a fun-filled day with a beautiful girl and her hilarious sidekick.

And each day as soon as the cloud cover allowed him, he would leave his house and go on some sort of endeavor with Fionna and Cake, becoming closer to them each day. As the days passed, he often remembered he hadn’t spoken to Gumball. It made him sad when he thought about this, but he was afraid of what would happen if he did visit his pink friend. So… he didn’t. Marshall constantly thought about it, but he tried to push it away.

When the fun he was having made him forget his problems, Marshall was quite blissful. With Fionna and Cake the adventures were endless. They chased criminals, battled beasts who attacked innocent citizens, traversed the most interesting places in the Land of Aaa, and they also did a lot of cooking of course.

All the while this was happening; Marshall got to experience Fionna’s great strength, will power, and her charming humor. She could ruthlessly slay monsters, but crack jokes with Cake minutes later. She was amazing, and Marshall was further infatuated with her every day. Marshall couldn’t tell if they were just friends or if their relationship was something more, but the days he spent with her was the best fun he’d had in a really long time.

More days passed, and Marshall and Fionna grew very close. They had grown so close, Marshall thought about her when she wasn’t around. He had never thought about another person that much before. His mind buzzed, wondering if she thought about him that way too. But soon, all the thoughts he had about her came to a peak.

One night, they were sitting at a campfire out in the forest that they had traversed through that day. Cake reached into Fionna’s backpack and pulled out a bag of marshmallows. The trio quickly found the perfect sticks and set to work roasting marshmallows.

They joked and laughed. Marshall even tried his hand at telling scary stories a few times, but failed miserably, causing his audience to erupt in giggles. Although, the truth was, he wasn’t trying very hard. He could tell terrifying tales, but he knew how Fionna didn’t like his demon eyes, and he often used those as a story-telling tool. And anyways, he preferred using his guitar to strum campfire tunes instead, letting Cake sing and wail to her heart’s content. That brought even more laughs to the campfire.

After a while a period of silence settled in and they all just watched the fire in silence. Marshall suddenly had an impulse to look over at Fionna. He studied her silhouette against the campfire’s light, and realized he really wanted to kiss her again. He hadn’t realized it for quite a while, even after spending all these days just hanging out with her. He always knew there was something nagging at the back of his mind, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

But now he knew what he wanted.

Marshall grinned to himself. And when have I ever not gotten what I wanted?

So, he kept on his cool demeanor the rest of the night. Then he courteously said goodnight to Fionna and Cake before flicking the ears on Fionna’s hat and flying home. And once he arrived there, he began to devise a plan.


To test to see how close they had really become the last few weeks, Marshall had something special planned. Luckily, when he woke up, the clouds were already rolling in, and he only had to wait a few hours to leave his house.

He hung out with Fionna and Cake in the treehouse for a while, but as soon as the sky began to darken, casting a romantic light on the land of Aaa, Marshall put his plan into action.

“Hey, Cake,” He said casually, flying around the living room. “Mind if I take Fionna somewhere for a little bit?”

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Fionna shoot a surprised glance at Cake, who wiggled her eyebrows in response. He fought the urge to smile at this.

“Oh, of course not, honey. Go have fun!”

“But, Ca—” Fionna tried to protest.

She clamped her mouth shut as Marshall flew right up to her.

“Come on,” He grinned, holding out his hand.

Fionna’s eyes sparkled with curiosity as she took his hand.

Marshall pulled her off the couch and the pair was out the door.

They walked along in silence for a while, just enjoying the night air. Fionna followed Marshall, trying uselessly to guess where they were headed. Soon they were walking along a cliff overlooking a rocky valley, a place they had been before, battling a monster. As the sky darkened the clouds cleared, revealing the stars. Fionna was so focused on looking up at their beauty; she was startled to see Marshall suddenly flying right beside her.

“Hey,” he held out his hand to her.

She looked at the hand, confusion written on her face.

“Come on,” he said, “Cake said we should go have fun, right?”

She took his hand tentatively. “Uh yeah, but—”

Her words were cut off as she was suddenly soaring in the sky, dangling by one hand locked with Marshall’s. “Wha—Woah!” She screamed. The ground was soon far away, shrinking by the second.

She screeched at an ear-shattering volume, watching the landscape below her grow smaller and smaller, legs flailing as she went. Fionna’s eyes were glued to the receding ground until she heard Marshall’s warm laugh and looked up.

He flew higher and higher in the sky, laughing happily. He watched his adventuress, hoping she would enjoy the flight. Fionna looked worried, holding on by just one hand, but she seemed to realize Marshall’s grip on her hand was very strong.

Despite realizing this, her eyes were still as big as saucers and she couldn’t stop the screams from escaping.

Marshall finally gave in and pulled her up. Lounging back a bit, hovering in the air, he pulled Fionna so she was sitting in a side-saddle position on his legs. She looked startled, and he simply smiled, still chuckling at her shocked expression.

“Sorry,” He laughed, “We don’t really have to fly like that. That was just for fun.”

The Vampire King felt Fionna relax against him. She was still breathing heavily, peering at the ground from her more-secure seat on Marshall’s legs. Her own legs still swung over the side of him, but she wasn’t dangling by one hand anymore. As soon as she calmed down and got used to being so high, she blushed. Marshall grinned; she must’ve realized how intimate this position is. She didn’t look at him, but instead directed her attention to the scenery.

They were now cruising over Aaa, over the tops of trees, hills and villages, all swathed in moonlight. Everything looked so small.

Marshall’s hand turned Fionna’s face towards him, ripping her eyes away from the scenery.

“Why were you screaming? Do you think I was going to drop you?”

His eyes glittered, the only illumination for their nighttime flight being the moon. Fionna blushed, both at his sincerity and their close proximity.

She fidgeted, laughing nervously, she said “No.”

“You’re such a silly girl,” Marshall smiled. His fingers walked idly up and down her arm. Goosebumps soon rose there.

“Ha,” Fionna countered. “If I’m silly, than what are you?”

Marshall leaned a bit closer, his voice low. He grinned, exposing his fangs. “Ridiculous.”


Fionna’s racing heart, their faces in close proximity, and the starry night sky. Fionna knew what was happening. It wasn’t like they hadn’t kissed before, but this was different. Way different. Fionna knew their last kiss wasn’t at all romantic, and she didn’t know what to expect this time. Marshall closed his eyes, and Fionna panicked. She knew what came next. She just had to do it.

She closed her eyes, and shoved away all her inhibitions.

She pushed forward, and suddenly, she felt weightless.


Marshall could feel this tension between them, like a rubber band waiting to snap. Before, he wasn’t sure about moving their relationship along, for fear of risking the tight friendship they had. But something about this moment felt perfect. Everything was moving along as he had predicted.

He couldn’t stop smiling at what an evil genius he was. Take the girl flying way up high when the moon is bright and all the stars are shining. Brilliant. Couldn’t be more romantic. The nighttime wind ruffled her ponytail, and she looked even more beautiful in the evening breeze.

He waited until the perfect moment. He could see it in Fionna’s eyes; he had her captured in his own gaze. He took this opportunity to lean forward, closing his eyes. He waited desperately for Fionna to get the picture, aching for her perfect lips.

Then suddenly, he felt her weight shift. Then there was a sliding sensation. Then the weight that sat on his legs was gone.

His eyebrows rose. “Fionna?” He opened his eyes, and Fionna was not there.

He was answered by a blood-curdling scream.

“Fionna!” Marshall cried. He looked down, and she was falling like a meteor to earth. The sharp rocks of the canyon were fast approaching.

“Fionna, I’m coming!” Marshall yelled as he dove towards the ground. Fionna screamed and screamed, grappling at the air around her.

Marshall soared to Fionna like a super hero, racing to catch up with the plummeting girl.

And, just in time, he did. He swooped to Fionna’s level and caught her under the arms.

“I got you,” he gasped.

Fionna wrapped her arms and legs around him, and held on for dear life. She panted in his ear, her grip on him never loosening.

“Oh, Fionna,” Marshall hugged her back, smashing his face against her hair. His words were muffled by the embrace. “Oh my glob, I am so, so sorry. I can’t believe—”

He stopped because he figured out what he thought were sobs, was actually Fionna laughing.

“Are…” He was dumbfounded. “Are you laughing?”

They both pulled back from their embrace so he could see Fionna’s face, which, lo and behold, had a huge smile splayed across it.

“Yeah,” She giggled. “That was actually really fun.”

Marshall’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He didn’t know what to say.

She looked down ashamedly, trying in vain to stop laughing. “I guess I too enthusiastic, if you know what I mean.”

Marshall finally cracked a smile, relieved that she wasn’t traumatized.

“Apparently I was too.” He laughed. “It took me a second to realize what happened.”

Fionna smiled. “I guess you could say we were in the moment.”

“You got that right.” They both laughed as Marshall slowly lowered them to the ground.

After their near-crash landing, Marshall carried Fionna princess-style into a nearby cave he frequented. It was beautiful and comfortable inside—for a cave at least—and Marshall enjoyed it because of the privacy it provided from the outside world, especially for night creatures like him.

Still giggling from the incident, they floated far into the cave, which was only lit by distant moonlight. Fionna didn’t seem scared, and Marshall was thankful for her trust in him. Soon Marshall set both of them down against a slow-curving back wall, deep inside the cave. It curved perfectly to provide a lounge for them to lounge in.

They both whispered and laughed quietly, Fionna telling him how he was such a liar, saying he wouldn’t drop her, and Marshall trying to find reasons to defend himself. They filled the cave with a sweet murmur. Fionna began to idly play with the buttons on Marshall’s shirt, and it made him happy that she was so comfortable in intimate situations like this. It meant that, while a disaster, his romantic evening wasn’t totally a failure. Marshall took his arm and wrapped it around Fionna’s waist. He slowly pulled her closer to him, feeling her breath quicken as he did so.

She looked up at him with those bright eyes of hers, and it was all he could do not to melt.

“Fionna,” Marshall said, voice rough. “I’m really—”

“Just do it.” She said.

Marshall was shocked. “What?”

Fionna’s mischievous smile said everything. “I’m as tired of waiting as you are. Just do it.”

Marshall didn’t need to be told twice. His entire romantic speech was thrown out the window as he launched forward to kiss Fionna. He thought that this kiss, in contrast to the last time they kissed, would be delicate and romantic; it wasn’t.

Fionna leaned up, kissing him back with a fiery passion. Their lips moved against each other rhythmically. Fionna’s hands went up to his hair, only arousing Marshall further.

He slithered his tongue into her mouth, and she sighed against his lips.

As if to get him back, she pushed forward so she was sitting atop him, straddling him with her legs. She shoved her tongue into his mouth, and Marshall couldn’t stop a low growl from escaping him.

When their lips parted for air, Marshall gasped “Feisty little bunny.”

“Oh, shut up,” She said, shoving her lips against his again.

He wanted to bite her lip and suck all the yummy, strawberry red color out of it, but he refrained. They were too delectable to be tampered with. He twisted, and the kiss became so deep that he became scared that his fangs might actually hit Fionna in the mouth. That would not be good, he thought. But on account of the fact that he wanted to keep kissing Fionna, he decided he didn’t care as their lips moved in unison.

Playing off these thoughts, Marshall became distracted and the kiss slowed.

“Fionna?” He said against her lips.


“I really like you.”

Fionna grinned from ear to ear. “I really like you too.”

They kissed for a few moments more before Marshall pulled back, interrupting again.

“You don’t care, you know…” He trailed off.

Fionna smiled, her fingers ran across the bite-marks on his neck, examining them as if it was the first time she had noticed them. “That you’re a vampire? Of course I don’t.”

“You’re not scared? I mean… I’m half demon, too. I’m like the worst combination.” His black hair fell over his eyes and he seemed honestly troubled. He looked at her as if she was the most delicate flower and he was the terrible monster about to step on her.

“Oh please,” Fionna scoffed. “I can name a billion creatures scarier than you.” She took his face in her hands and kissed him gently for a moment, before speaking very softly. “I have no reason to be scared of you. You’re probably the coolest person I’ve ever met. Why would you ever hurt me?”

Marshall relaxed a bit at this. “You’re right. You know, you’re the coolest person I’ve ever met too,” He replied, happily. Then, in a more sultry voice, he said “we must be made for each other.”

Fionna laughed giddily at this, and their kiss regained momentum. But as much as he tried to enjoy it, Fionna’s last question circled around in his mind. He wouldn’t ever hurt Fionna, right? He tried to push it away, but a feeling of unease settled in his stomach.

He kissed Fionna delicately for the rest of the night. He kept reminding himself, I love this girl; I would never let anything hurt her.

But he could replay those words in his mind all night, it wouldn’t change anything; he was still a vampire.


Fionna tipped-toed into her bedroom just before sunrise. The sun hadn’t started rising yet, giving her enough darkness to sneak in.

Marshall had dropped her off at the door to the treehouse, hoping to give her enough time to get in before Cake awoke.

But just as she was about to slip into bed, a blinding light flicked on across the room.

“Ah!” Fionna screeched and covered her eyes.

“I knew it!” Cake wailed.

“Cake, please don’t be mad!” Fionna dove into her bed covers, hoping to find reprieve. Her voice was muffled as she begged for forgiveness. “Please, I’m sorry! I swear I was safe and you had no reason to worr—”

“He loves you!”

Cake’s booming voice silenced Fionna. She peeked out from under the covers.


“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! He loves you!”

Fionna was dumbfounded. She slowly lowered the blankets from her face. “Wha… You’re not mad?”

“Mad?! Honey, this is great news!” Cake leaped off her bed and ran to Fionna. “Aren’t you as happy as I am?”

“Yeah… Well of course I’m happy… I’m just a little confused. You didn’t even yell at me just a little.”

“Oh, I’ll get back on the mother train tomorrow. Right now, I’m just happy for you. You never have to be pushed around by that pink boy anymore!”

“Yeah…” Fionna looked away, conflicted. “But, you know, Cake, we used to help him out a lot. I mean, we haven’t seen him in weeks. Marshall and I are great, but PG is still our friend, right? It’s not like we’re going to abandon him.”

Cake took a deep breath. “Fi, you are right. And I understand; you still want to be friends. I get it. I just don’t want you to give him any more chances to hurt you.”

“But—” Fionna frowned, but Cake wasn’t finished.

“Listen baby, when crisis breaks loose in the Candy Kingdom, who’s going to be there lickity-split to take care of ol’ Gumball and all his subjects?”

“We are.”

“Right,” Cake put a reassuring hand on Fionna’s cheek. “So don’t you worry your pretty little self.” Fionna smiled at this. Cake flicked off the light and wandered out of the bedroom.

“Now, maybe you should take a nap or something.” She called over her shoulder with a sly grin. “You must be tired.”
Fionna woke up, tired and disheveled. She opened her eyes with much effort, squinting at the bright morning light filtering through her window. She had this feeling of being so incredibly tired and worn out, both emotionally and physically. Then, in a brief flashback of events, everything that took place last night came flooding back to her.

“Oh.” She groaned and rolled over, rubbing her eyes. She put her hands to her head and thought to herself ‘What did I get myself into?’

She hoped her newfound friendship with Marshall Lee would turn out great, but after last night’s recklessness, she was a little uneasy. How can she even begin to tackle this insane boy with so many personalities and barriers? The whole idea of this Vampire King— in addition to her dispute with Gumball—made Fionna want to roll over and forget everything. She wanted to go back in time to the day she kissed Gumball, the day she met Marshall, the day she went to Gumball’s house to have dinner. Fionna thought, heck, why don’t I just time travel back to last week!?

“Ca-ake!” She moaned weakly. A few moments later, her faithful cat came strolling into the bedroom with oven mitts on her hands, holding a spatula in one hand.  She put her hands on her hips and cocked her head. Never a good sign.

“Girl! You came home so late last night! I wasn’t even sure if you were gonna wake up this morning!”

“I’m sorry! It was just so hectic. Sometimes I didn’t even know what was happening.” Fionna looked a bit remorseful.

Cake’s expression softened. “It’s alright, sugar. I could tell you had a crazy night. Life just gets a little wild and confusing sometimes,” She smiled. “That’s why there’s pancakes waitin’ on the griddle. Come on, honey!”

She rolled out of bed, even though she felt like giving up. She felt like giving up on Gumball, and Mister-Weird-Vampire-Man, and just taking a little lazy vacation of hanging in the tree house for as long as it took her to relax her frayed nerves.

But she knew she wouldn’t. I am Fionna the adventuress, she thought. Fionna the human. Fionna and Cake who protect Candy Kingdom. Fionna doesn’t sit in her bed and cry.

Those motivational thoughts were all she needed to get back up and running. She ate a whole stack of pancakes—in a very unladylike manner—donned her skirt and blue t-shirt, grabbed her backpack and sword, and exited the tree-house with Cake by her side. She didn’t look back.

Fionna and her trusty cat walked along the hills of the Candy Kingdom, searching for trouble like any other normal day.

It was rejuvenating to stroll through the bright green fields with the gentle breeze blowing past and the sun directly above. It was days like these where Fionna felt like nothing could possibly go wrong in Aaa. Normally she was proved wrong, but Fionna always remained the optimist.

She continued to think positively—about the big fluffy clouds above, the budding trees with their fresh leaves, the blank slate of a new day, all the demons and monsters she could slay—until she was interrupted by Cake.

“So! Did you ever want to perhaps tell your homegirl, Cake, what happened last night?” Cake wiggled her eyebrows, walking beside Fionna who looked down disapprovingly at her.

“I—” Fionna started. “I feel sort of… uncomfortable talking about it.”

Cake looked taken aback for a moment, and then her expression softened once again to the parental type. “Honey, if there is anyone on this planet who can help you with unpleasant situations, it’s me.”

Fionna took a few glances at Cake and her sincerity, realizing that there was no one else she would ever want to confide in more than Cake.

Her mouth opened to speak, but she didn’t know where to begin. Cake helped out.

“Fi, why don’t you start with the vampire boy? How was he?” She asked softly.

“That boy—Marshall—I don’t like him. But I sort of do like him.”

“Hmmm…” Cake put on her most thoughtful face. “A confusing personality, I’m guessing.”

“He’s just—” The nervous teen searched for words. “He’s different. He’s full of himself. He’s moody and opinionated. He’s not like Gumball.” Fionna stopped, noticing she just used the heartbreaker as a comparison to other men, and it made her sad.

Cake stretched out an arm to comfort Fionna seeing her saddened face. “Of course he’s not like Gumball, babe! He’s not Gumball!” Cake felt so bad for Fionna. There were so many different thoughts and fears and insecurities going on in Fionna’s head, Cake stopped and let her get out what she had to say before launching into a speech of Cake wisdom.

“Here’s the thing Cake,” Fionna suddenly came alive out of her frowning and slumped position. “Marshall, the Vampire King, he makes me feel different. When I was around him I acted differently, like I wasn’t Fionna the adventuress, I was more like Fionna the normal girl. I always argue, and I always act defiant, and I always love to fight and everything! But then, last night, I felt stupid and awkward, and too girly. PG always makes me feel like a knight in shining armor. I think that’s why I felt different.”

Cake pondered this, looking into the blue sky for answers. Finally she said “Girl! There is a number one rule about boys: They make you feel stupid. They make you feel awkward. But just remember, they both make you feel differently, but neither is bad. ” Then she added under her breath, “Except for when PG made you cry.”

Fionna chuckled at this.

“Anyway honey, my point is neither feeling is right or wrong. It’s whatever feeling makes you feel the best. Once you decide which one makes you feel the best about yourself, you’ll know which one to choose.”

Fionna pondered these words as they walked along.

They cruised the fields which were completely uneventful, and finally wound up in the Candy Kingdom. As they entered, the clouds came in and covered the sun, casting shadows around and dampening Fionna’s mood.

An unsettling feeling settled in Fionna’s stomach whenever they entered the Kingdom. She felt as though she were living in fear of seeing Gumball walking towards her again. If she were to meet him, she had no idea what she would say. She glanced around nervously as if he would pop out at any moment.

As much as she was scared, Fionna knew it was ridiculous to try to avoid Prince Gumball. There was no way she could ensure to not see Gumball unless she never left the treehouse, which she had already established was not an option.

So, like the brave girl she is, Fionna perused the streets of the Candy Kingdom like it was any normal day.


It had been exactly two days since the last time the Vampire King had flown through Prince Gumball’s castle window. In those short two days, Marshall was afraid their friendship had changed drastically. He didn’t know what else to do but to simply visit the prince and talk about it. It wasn’t a subject Marshall wanted to avoid.

So instead of avoiding it, as soon as he woke up he decided to fly to the Candy Kingdom. Once the clouds came in and finally covered the pesky sun, he left his house, and not too long later, he flew right through the window to find his pink friend in a tizzy.

Scientific equipment was strewn about the room, and there were far too many messes. Gumball was a very organized dude. Marshall knew he was flustered if experimental goo was in a puddle on his lab table.

“Uh… Hey PG,” Marshall greeted him with a wave, unsure of how mad or not-mad Gumball was.

“Marshall,” PG said curtly. He was mixing different liquids together and writing down notes in a skittish manner. Marshall could read the frown on the prince’s face and knew the events of last night had not just been water under the bridge.

Marshall approached his workspace. “So… I—”

“When are you going to grow up, Marshall!?!” PG yelled suddenly, slamming his palms on the table.


“Fionna… she can’t—she doesn’t…Agh!” PG threw his hands up in frustration. He was flushed and having a difficult time getting out his words. He jabbed a finger at Marshall. “Fionna doesn’t need an irresponsible, reckless delinquent like you! She… She needs a respectable man! A good man! I don’t understand why she—Oh, forget it!” Gumball thumped his head down onto folded arms. He sat slumped over like that as Marshall tried to take in PG’s rage.

“PG, I—” He began, but then stopped himself.

He was about to tell Gumball the truth. He was going to spill and say it was all fake, they weren’t dating or anything, it was just to make him jealous. But Marshall wasn’t dumb. If he told Gumball the whole story he would discover Fionna’s deep feelings for him and jump up to go sweep her off her feet. Of course Marshall hates fighting with his friend, and he wants PG to be happy. But just before he spoke, he realized… Maybe he has feelings for Fionna too.

This had started out just because of Marshall’s ego and reputation with women. In the beginning it wasn’t about trying to steal Fionna away from Gumball, it was just supposed to be a flirtation. But after last night, Marshall didn’t want it to just be a stupid game.

So upon realizing this he quickly had to think of something to help his friend. They both like the same girl, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t bros anymore.

“PG, can I ask you something. Something sincere, no tricks?”

“Oh sure, Marshall. Enlighten me.” PG said, his voice muffled on the tabletop.

Marshall wasn’t sure if he wanted to do this, but the words fell out. “You know… Last time I was in here you told me you definitely didn’t have feelings for Fionna, and you didn’t want to compete in my challenge. But I kind of flirted with her anyways to see what would happen. Now I’m here, and you seem really upset about Fionna and me. Are you sure you don’t have feelings for her?”

A long silence.

PG finally lifted up his head to reveal bloodshot eyes.

“Oh of course I have feelings for Fionna,” he sighed, “What did you think?”

“But you said—”

“Marshall, I know you. You are as egotistical as they get. I wanted to try and deter you from going through with this dating challenge you presented to me. And…I…I’m not sure about admitting my feelings for her. We are very different you know… It’s difficult to explain…I—I’m just never sure about how it would work out between us.”

Marshall shook his head, trying in vain to sort out his thoughts. “So basically… you do like her. And now we both like her. But you’re too chicken to do anything.”


“Great.” Marshall flopped down in a lab chair. I never should have said anything, he thought.

After a moment PG spoke up. “Like it even matters, she seems pretty infatuated with you, to say the least.”

Marshall pondered how to fix this issue. But he finally settled on, “You know, I consider you still a part of my challenge.” He grinned.

PG interrupted. “I never was a part of your—”

“I know, I know…” Marshall waved away PG’s reminder. “That’s why I feel like you got an unfair start. If you get Fionna to fall in love with you, I will split up with her and no hard feelings will be had.” Marshall was making a dangerous bargain, and he could feel it in the pit of his stomach.

He stuck out a hand to shake, and Gumball stared at it in disbelief.

“But she’s your—”

“I know.” Marshall sighed, even though Fionna wasn’t really his girlfriend, he had to keep up the act. And anyways, she could be his girlfriend soon enough. “But I am doing this because I know how you two have been friends for so long, and I hate feeling like I ruined something that hadn’t started yet. I want to be fair. Plus you’re my bro.” He smirked.

PG looked up at him. “I don’t like the games you play with love.”

Marshall sighed. “Live a little bit PG. What have you got to lose?”

“My dignity. True love. Our friendship.”

“Okay, stop talking, just shake my hand, you’re making this depressing. It’s supposed to be fun.”

PG finally clasped his hand with Marshall’s. “Our ideas of fun are very different. But I will join you anyways… for Fionna.”

“For Fionna,” Marshall agreed. Her name on his lips reminded Marshall of what was at stake.

“May the best man win.” Gumball  said.

“May the best man win.” Marshall agreed.

Then, with a brief goodbye, he was out the window.

As he flew through the fresh air, a knot formed in his stomach. He realized that the entire conversation that had just gone on between him and Gumball was just lies upon lies upon lies, all stirred up in a big bowl of confusion. And Marshall was thoroughly ashamed.

But he couldn’t spend time wallowing in his guilt when there was a game to be played.



“Ah!” Fionna screamed. She stumbled back a few steps.

“Holy fudge cakes!” Cake gasped. “You scared the muffins outta me!”

Marshall laughed “you two are a couple of weenies.”

Marshall had seen the pair in the Kingdom while flying and swooped down into the nearby bushes, only to pop out and scare them with his demon eyes.

“I’m not a weenie.” Fionna protested. “Those eyes are freaky.” She shivered.

“Oh, you mean, these ones!” Marshall got right in Fionna’s face with his red, glowing eyes. She squealed and covered her face. As Marshall returned to normal he doubled over in laughter. Cake even chuckled a little bit, hoping Fionna wouldn’t notice.

“Ah, you guys are such a barrel of fun.” He grinned.

“Thank you,” Cake bowed, and Fionna just rolled her eyes at her.

“So do you guys wanna do something? I’m bored.” He lounged back in the air and put his hands behind his head. “This is kind of a lame day, don’t you think?”

Fionna blushed and fidgeted. “Uh… I don’t…”

Cake interrupted. “Fionna and I were just feeling the same way! You know what? I done gave the last slice of pie to Mo-Chro, and I’m thinking it’s time to make another.” She began to scamper off in the direction of the market. “Care to join us?”

Fionna went to catch up with Cake. Her heart pounded, wondering if Marshall would join them. She was torn between really wanting to spend time with him, and scared of getting too close to him. Unless she wanted to be close. Ugh, I just don’t know, Fionna thought.

As she approached Cake, someone flicked the ears of her hat.

“Pie? I’m in.” Marshall said.

That settles that, Fionna thought.

But as the group approached the market, she was becoming more and more uneasy. Will he be the same as last night? Will he be different? Will I be as charming as I was last night? Or was I even charming at all? Should I try to be charming around him?

Fionna gritted her teeth and clamped down on her thoughts. No, she told them. Shhh… I’m going to stay calm and have fun, she told herself.

“Fi! Marshall!” Cake called from a nearby fruit stand. As the trio gathered she asked “What kind of pie should we make, y’all? Yo, Mr. Vampire Boy? So you only eat red stuff?”

“Well I eat shades of—”

“Alright!” Cake interrupted excitedly, “We’re only buying red fruits today sir!” She told the clerk. Marshall and Fionna stood nearby, giggling as Cake bought an overabundance of fruit. She bought large baskets of strawberries, raspberries, and cherries, and handed everyone a bundle to carry.

“These will be the reddest pies I’ve ever made!” Cake said as she began the march back to the house, with Fionna and Marshall in tow.

When they arrived in the treehouse, Cake pulled out all the baking supplies, slammed them on the countertop and shouted “let’s get to work!”

Cake looked at Marshall and Fionna pointedly. “You two gonna just stand around?”

Marshall looked down at the ingredients. “I’ve never made a pie before.”

“Here, honey,” Cake handed him a basket of strawberries and a knife. “Just stem these for me. And Fi, you wanna start the crust?”

Fionna started gathering the ingredients for the crust and Cake started to pit some cherries. Marshall pitted a handful of strawberries, but soon he couldn’t resist and stuck one in his mouth. The next thing Fionna knew it was grey.

“Ah! Marshall!”

“What?” He asked, grinning sheepishly.

“What is goin—ew!” Cake grimaced at the sight of the grey strawberry, lifeless and without color. “Excuse me, sir, in this house we do not snack while we eat.” She snatched the strawberry from Marshall’s hand and threw it in the trash. “And we only want red fruits in our pies.”

As she turned to the sink to wash the cherries, Fionna caught Marshall’s eye and snickered. In response he stuck out his snake-like tongue and hissed. Fionna screeched and Cake whirled around again.

“Will you kids, please chill out!” The pair of teens looked at Cake with guilty eyes. “Thank you.”

She turned around and the pair got back to their work. Fionna couldn’t help but steal another glance at Marshall, and she noticed he was smiling. His smile created a sort of fuzzy feeling inside Fionna, because she could tell it was genuine. It was a great smile too, just on the verge of a grin.

Fionna didn’t realize she was still staring at him until he noticed and glanced back at her. She blushed profusely and directed her attention back to the dough she was preparing.

Soon she had prepared a huge batch of crust. Marshall and Cake had huge bowls of prepared fruit, and the trio got to work assembling pies.

Fionna grabbed the tins and rolled out a few crusts. She handed a prepared tin to Cake and Marshall, and then began preparing another one for her to fill. Cake poured a hefty helping of cherries in her pie tin, while Marshall grabbed the bowl of raspberries.

He began to pour them, but he poured them too fast and it splattered raspberry juice on Fionna.

“Wha!” She wailed, grimacing at the pink juice that had splashed on her face. Cake just shook her head and kept focus on her work.

After realizing what he did Marshall began cackling in laughter. “Oh! I’m so sorry!” He grinned. “I’ll get it.”

Before she could even move a muscle, Marshall leaned over and licked the splatter off Fionna’s face. His snake-like tongue was quick and speedy and it tickled Fionna’s face. She couldn’t hold in a giggle and she was blushing like crazy. All the nerves in her body buzzed.

“Mmm,” He said, running his tongue over his lips. “Tasty.”

“Can we just go back to the pies,” Cake said with a tone like a chastising mother, taking another pie crust from Fionna.

Marshall grinned evilly and Fionna’s heart leapt in her chest. She remembered that tongue when she had kissed him and it brought back vivid memories. She handed him another crust and tried to keep her composure the best she could. The trio assembled many more pies, but Fionna never stopped blushing the entire time.

“Great job, kids.” Cake said, smiling at the abundance of pies. “Let’s get these babies bakin’!”

They fit four pies in the oven and soon the house smelled fragrant. As they washed all the dishes together, Marshall smiled. “Mmm, that smells delicious.”

And just then, as they finished up the dishes, the oven dinged. “Oh, not only do they smell good, they smell done!” Cake exclaimed happily.

She donned her oven mitts as the two teens gathered around the counter, eyes glittering in anticipation. She pulled the first one out and Marshall almost leapt at it. “I get first slice!”

“What?!” Fionna yelled. “I get first slice!”

“Oh yeah?” Marshall brought his face so close to hers Fionna could see his fangs peeking through his grin. “You wanna fight me for it?”

Before Fionna could think up a witty reply, Cake stretched out her arms and separated them. “Cool it, children. Mama Cake always gets the first slice.” She winked.

Fionna huffed and crossed her arms, her back to Marshall. The Vampire King simply grinned.

Cake didn’t waste any time in serving the first pie and pushed plates at Fionna and Marshall. Marshall examined his while Fionna shoved a bite in her mouth and sighed. “Mhmmm… Cake, these are incredible.”

“Thanks, babycakes, but you two helped just as much.” She smiled as she switched out the rest of the baked pies with un-baked ones.

Fionna glanced over and saw Marshall still examining his slice.

“Why don’t you—?”

He put a hefty bite on his fork and brought it too his mouth. But to his dismay, as soon as he touched the bite of pie to his mouth, all the red drained out of the pie filling, leaving it gross-looking and discolored. “Hm…”He grimaced at the pie bite, and then glanced at Cake and Fionna, who fortunately could eat their pie like one would normally eat something.

Cake was about to speak, mouth full of pie and all. “You poor ba—”

Marshall held up a hand. “I got this.” He brought the plate up to his mouth and simply bit into the whole slice of pie. Before Fionna and Cake’s eyes, the color slowly drained from the pie, leaving a crust, and grey filling.

“Mmm mmm…” Marshall smiled, licking his lips. “That pie does taste incredible.” He served himself another slice as Fionna rolled her eyes and Cake began laughing.

“You know,” Cake began, “for a demon vampire boy, you really are completely harmless.” Cake said. After watching Marshall make jokes, tease Fionna playfully, and laugh so effortlessly, any worries she had about him washed away. Simply observing him from a motherly-cat point of view, Cake was proud Fionna was moving on. She hated to see Fi blue and heartbroken. Plus she was running out of ice cream for Fionna to drown her tears in. “I don’t get why anyone would be scared of you. You’re just a silly jokester!”

“That’s what I want you to think,” he winked at Cake. The oven dinged again, and the cat went to attended to the pies.

Marshall leaned over to Fionna and said, “This crust is amazing.”

“Thanks,” she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear nervously, “its Cake’s recipe.”

“Well, you did a fantastic job.” Marshall smiled.

“So did you,” Fionna countered, grinning, “a fantastic job goofing off.”

“Psh.” Marshall frowned at her. Suddenly, he snatched her pie slice out of her hands and sucked all the color out of it.


“Mmm.” He licked his lips. “Delicious.”

“Ew!” Fionna said, looking at the grey pie slice. “I can’t believe you did that!” She grabbed a fork and took a bite from one of the pies, and flung it at Marshall like a catapult. It splattered on his face, and for a moment, he looked genuinely shocked.

Then the mischievous grin returned. “Oh, you’re asking for it.”

Before Cake could even realize what was happening, an all-out food fight broke out in her kitchen. By the time she could stop them, Fionna and Marshall were covered in bright red pie filling.

“WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!” Her stretched out hands snatched the forks from them and threw them in the sink. “DO YOU TWO THINK THIS IS A WAR ZONE?!”

Fionna looked guilty. She had big, ashamed eyes with gooey pie filling all over her. Marshall tried to look guilty by looking down at the floor, pie dripping from his hair. But instead he just kept grinning and stealing glances at Fionna. Cake saw this, and her anger melted away.

“Why don’t you two go outside and wash up. All the pies are baked anyways. I’ll get some ready for Marshall to take home.” She sighed, and went back to removing the pies from the oven.

Marshall followed Fionna out the front door to the hose, where the pair took turns washing the bright red goo from their faces, arms, and clothes. The sun was already beginning to set, reminding Fionna that she’d been baking with Marshall all day.

“Come on,” Marshall said, “you gotta admit, that was fun.”

“Yeah, it was,” Fionna said, smiling, “but you aren’t the one that has to clean the kitchen.”

Marshall laughed. “Hold on,” he said, “you got a little bit—” He moved to rub some stray pie filling out of Fionna’s hair.

He lowered himself so they were eyelevel with each other. He seemed reluctant to let go of her hair, but he finally tucked it into her hat. “Thanks for letting me hangout with you guys today. That was really rad.”

“No problem, you can come over anytime.” Fionna said, smiling.

“You mean that?”

“As long as you don’t destroy the kitchen every time.”

The pair busted up in laughter as Cake emerged with some wrapped up pies.

“Well, that was very successful, you two. I think we made almost a dozen pies,” she said, handing Marshall two of them.

“Thanks Cake,” He smiled, “I’ll make sure they don’t go to waste.”

“They better not, boy!” She wagged her finger at him, before walking back inside the treehouse.

The pair was left alone again and an uncomfortable silence ensued.

Marshall looked at Fionna, scratching his neck awkwardly. Fionna liked seeing him uncomfortable. It made her smile. It reminded her that he didn’t always have that perfect demeanor all the time.

“That really was fun though. Thanks.”

“Of course.” Fionna smiled. She searched her mind with something more to say, but nothing came.

“So…” Marshall paused. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

This news made Fionna’s heart race. He wants to see her tomorrow? He wants to see her tomorrow! Does that mean he likes her? Like for real? The teenage girl’s mind was already jumping to conclusions.

“Sure,” She smiled, managing to keep her cool.

“Okay,” Marshall grinned. “See ya then. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Fionna waved as he left, trying not to think about the goodnight kiss from the previous night. Maybe that was just a onetime thing.
Of Good and Evil (Fiolee) - Ch.9
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I'm not even going to give you a long apology about this hiatus or rant about how busy my life is. I just want you guys to know I've thought about this story all year and plan to finish proofing and uploading it this summer. I tried to make this chapter extra long to make up for it, although I doubt anything can make up for such a long hiatus. ^^;
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this, and and always, your positive feedback is always appreciated. I love you all and I don't mind if you throw things at me for being gone for so long. *ducks* Just remember, I STILL LOVE YOU! :glomp:
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